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  • i see things i should not see,
  • probably you the people are going through the same thing
  • when i was little
  • i was beaten by my own family members and this rap is for those people
  • that are going through any abuse, i say to you the people don't give up,
  • be you, don't let anybody tear you down,, and remember
  • i got your back for any attack because
  • i will smack the person that is abusing you with
  • these facts and see how they react with a broken nose
  • and all they get is hoes that knows me because
  • she knows that i light up the night like its the damn fourth of July
  • and this is no lie and you know who i am and i am easy p
  • and i don't need to take drugs to help people and i can help you,
  • just let me,i can help the world, and the haters
  • in the world can't change that
  • so adios people


  • Thee shall not disrespect or mock
  • For thy homie lives by his glock
  • Thee challenge me to battleth with the art of composition
  • Thou's truly will leave you missing
  • Beethoven, I suggest you put respect on yond name
  • Spitting raw flame, symphony of h, play you like a game
  • This is thy ode to joy
  • I will play thee like a toy
  • Raw composer, old day solider
  • Beethoven, It isnt bad because im older.

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