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A round 2. First round was a tie. just using an old rap that i've had and i've showed some people already. . You a pussy if you do rebuttals

Max of 64 lines


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Battle on May 10 2019


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  • //Start, 0:37//
  • Listen up Lil Sorcery
  • With you gone, it's more serene,
  • Cut shit up, i'm wolverine.
  • I'll slash tires, call me volvorine
  • my last diss you claimed that it was forgery?
  • such a lie, i keep scorin', g
  • got all of the authority,
  • win by vote majority,
  • You've got no uniformity,
  • yet i sit with Four Bentleys,
  • Affordably, diss come in, absorbency,
  • from the beginning you were ornery,
  • your shit was never orderly,
  • I'm murdering you orally,
  • you rap and just come short 'gainst me.
  • //Verse 2, 0:55//
  • Your only trace of positive is your fucking confidence,
  • We fight, i see your consequence, raps are fucking bottomless,
  • so i keep on dropping this, while your shit's monotonous.
  • your records only cost sixpence, i win to your incompetence,
  • //Verse 2, Continued, 1:14//
  • That was my hypothesis, never breaking promises,
  • knock you out of consciousness, make sure it is anonymous,
  • don't want to hear that slopped up shit, i kill you with my consonants.
  • we're both at the necropolis, your grave, you're being dropped in it.
  • //Verse 3, 1:33//
  • Tell me i lost automatic,
  • bitch please, i shit on yo magic
  • lightning, you don't want no static,
  • just good at rappin', i ain't even braggin!
  • your death was almost tragic,
  • lyrical bombs don't panic,
  • last night at yo funeral, there was no traffic.
  • Cut you off like an amputation,
  • never gonna see you and say, ''Salutation"
  • leave, takin' shots at deuce station,
  • where i never miss my graduation.
  • ruin the plans you made then,
  • break your legs, askin' can you play then?
  • //Verse 4, 1:51//
  • welcome to the epilogue, you were never ready dogg,
  • I'm Snoopin At the synagogue, I see the fucking underdog,
  • Your have more bark than you do bite, you're only worth a fucking byte
  • your final breath, you softly sight verbal homicide, you fall and die...
  • //End, 2:09//


  • 80heart attacks and 20murders through this verse if you my hater then you just got fucking cursed ,this shit is platinum our reach goes in universe ,if you ain't getting my shit then do reverse .I can hear the mic saying please spare me but I'll play in reach and i gonna lay cheese,if your cums in a minute then may he ,my flow kills man i am Bruce lee ! But I'll pump Lil in a gas chamber ,im the mafia and Ace is my gang member ,this mumble shit is wack on a new level just making trash they call em' the big bangers .Fuck It,they call me a kid but they don't wanna battle me ,their sisters my fans say ,Mythical one photo please Predator of words is back homie relax sitback 'bout to murder these wack rappers infact dickheads
  • Dont even know how to rap like they've neva heard of that or they think they're turtle at
  • A race where they're gonna win but baby am B-Rab quick as sick ass runnin to the hospital naked
  • So you can kiss ass of mine kick ass punchline spitter is mastermind cynical ass of mine just
  • Wanna see ya'll dyin
  • Look i can climb Everest without a lace whenever ace collaborates with clever ace eleven brains together make
  • The level ace am devilish i have a list of battlers who battle lit but let em lick the daddy's dick
  • I am maverick am traveling ready to stab em in the ass made of plastic runnin from battery slaughter
  • Their bladder and Adams apple and take em kidneys too throw it back to their motherfuckin rap academy
  • I dont give a fuck about a mofucker fuckin with a slut suckin on her tits even she's my ex
  • Cuz am livin on my own rippin all alone you can see the grind mofucker i don't need to flex
  • You go and relax keep goin you wack keep goin you fag keep goin you fag imm'a blow the stacks
  • Cuz am a fuckin monster you are fuckin trash thats the fuckin truth man hashtag facts
  • My flow is inflamable lyrics inexplicable when its bout spittin syllables i am fuckin infallible
  • I am fuckin despicable i ain't playin no peekaboo im just tryna get rid of you i will shit on your interview
  • I,mma eat these emcees and these femcees too playin the same lame game man this can,t be true
  • Why the fuck these motherfuckers at the top and be hoppin and poppin and droppin alll shit
  • But i don't give a fuck

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