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  • tranquility is me flying on the astral plane
  • trying to maintain that tram of serenity
  • while i trap my identity in a chemical remedy
  • the typical melody of raps so heavenly
  • especially considering the cynical nature of my society
  • it's all a matter of outlook outside
  • it's the kids rhyming by the bedside who formed an insight that ignited a flame that shines so bright
  • heights
  • is where i'm taking it
  • but it's been a while i've been saying it
  • full circle like when the clock strikes midnight
  • that's that skill in my penmanship
  • talent in my voice
  • i'm so heaven-sently relevant, something you don't poise
  • it's my choice
  • like the cigarettes i smoke
  • i block out the noise
  • by going up in smoke
  • but i can't hear myself
  • like mac miller and Ab-Soul
  • looking in the mirror, i see an asshole
  • that's a flagpole for the generations to come
  • this a sample of my bubonic mass flow
  • king-dumb come
  • welcome to what i've become
  • i'm a mess for publicity
  • but inside i'm feeling just fine hun
  • so gimme them buns or summin'
  • you know i ain't really sick
  • i bumped in her bum all of a sudden
  • now she lusting for my dick
  • fuck you think i'm blind?
  • i'm being kind to you cause that's just how i am, don't pay no mind
  • so if you want me to get behind, remind me why i should chase ya
  • my dad was a rocknrolla
  • but how to follow in his footsteps?
  • a million rappers on soundcloud and 90% don't make sense
  • next person to use the word "real" should get 100 lashes on the skin
  • i'm embarrassed by how little effort y'all put in
  • swim in my pool of thought, but don't try to win
  • the religious rhetoric will take you down a rebellious life of sin.


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  • I could go opposite of Durant/
  • and really cause some waves
  • You're the Smoothie Center Minus A.D/
  • what niggas Afraid ?
  • to play you
  • what say you
  • yall niggas behave
  • Slaves being raised from the Grave, I wave
  • Stelle I Saige
  • im a lion on stage
  • I aint lying I'm paid
  • Mufasa su casa
  • for Ethiopian Opium

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