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  • Metropolis or Gotham City
  • dropping Fitty
  • Ja Ruling' em
  • hot balloon'em...i'm Aluminum
  • Nitrate
  • Fertilizing the hate
  • Why Wait
  • Tri-State
  • My estate
  • sell acres on lakes
  • jail breakers on skates
  • Its a must that i Buss
  • I sell lakers on Shakes
  • I smell Quakers on Steaks
  • who are soo vegeterian
  • their cesarean Un-American
  • Misses Hooker, My Librarian
  • when i was just a lil Jit
  • and you made read that shit
  • from the Index to the Glossary
  • could this bullshit possibly
  • help me convert Monopoly
  • money into property


  • this is a fair battle not to hide;
  • loosing with me i hope you cried;
  • wanna still battle me you decide;
  • cause i am busy tonight
  • i know i am best among all
  • i am going to kick you cause you are my football
  • you are a snake whose limit is to crawl
  • this is not your area this is my winning hall
  • hey your dad is here
  • what is your fear
  • where were you have been disappear
  • i am roman let me give you a spear
  • in front of me you stand nowhere
  • i am not going you spare
  • my words are making you aware
  • cause your mom and i am a beautiful pair
  • my lad,this is your dad
  • in rapping i am so mad
  • i am the best in mortal combat
  • i am glad,but a little bit sad
  • my son is looser
  • he does not have any future
  • his father is too super
  • cause his father is a sharp shooter
  • i font of me you nowhere land
  • i am the castle you are a sand
  • i am an undefeatable brand
  • i am the one whom nobody could command
  • hey to whom you are battle
  • #1 is easy to handle
  • in front of me you are a cattle
  • cause i am the rapper of my channel ,,YO
  • you wanna listen wordings
  • things that are accuring
  • just switch to news update
  • my words are burning ,,,BABY
  • you are looking as an ant
  • i am an undefeatable brand
  • you could not defeat me understand
  • i am a castle you are just a sand
  • i wanna give you stroke
  • defeating me just dont hope
  • common baby just dont joke
  • come i just give you a choke

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