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Try to keep it around the same length, other than that no rules. Lyricism and delivery is key imo. I might make an audio in a future take.

Max of 18 lines


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  • You think that you tough cuz you hangin with the thugs
  • selling from your trunk to the kids in the neighborhood
  • go back to your hood better yet go back to school
  • you look like a fool, you look like a tool, you follow the rules
  • i just break the rules, hop inside the pools
  • with the baddest women, drivin in my whip
  • speedin on the interstate, pass you in the slower lane
  • you cant see my license plates
  • thats because they're paper plates
  • while you hesitate i just make a move
  • they call me mr smooth with a doob
  • what they call you is; breathe smells like doo doo
  • cursed to live a life as a lie like voodoo
  • might just take your mom and run a choo choo
  • but thats another day and now im on my way
  • hoppin on this plane moving interstate


  • Separated from my mother the waitress, she was wasting her nights getting naked,
  • All this hatred that is kept in my sanctum that is sacred,
  • Caused me to receive L's 'n fails whenever the professor was grading,
  • Wasn't too creative just basic aided by the idea of me becoming famous one day,
  • But the reality is my life has been that of a fatality, tragically happening,
  • Nowadays my sexuality might make ya girlfriend fuck me enthusiastically,
  • Lifes a bitch but I tell her she ain't physically hitting me,
  • But typically instrumentally I'm sending emcee's in a condition that's critically lyricaly killing G's,
  • Swimming past them wickedly, but how you gonna' FUCK the rap game if you ain't yet lost ya virginity?.
  • You got a broken smoke detector,
  • that's why you'll be Choking in this battle, even better,
  • On a rap site talking about you're "making it big", who you trying to kid?,
  • You're only a bitch and everytime you write a rap people want to shut their eye lids,
  • Lyrically leaving this Mexican a skeleton, while I count my Benjamin's

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