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have fun with this its just for fun

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  • Harder Than Any Niggas Dick
  • When You Be Lookin At Them Grandmas
  • like we be eatin
  • pussy and cookies
  • all rookies
  • cant stop me
  • Any nigga should they know
  • they try for the beat and the bruise
  • all these niggas should be confused
  • you know how i was amused
  • all these lame ass niggas trynna talk
  • i cant talk for nothin
  • if i shoot you
  • another body be droppin
  • all these hoes on the floor
  • hoes dont give head unless you gotta brain
  • all these niggas actin like they insane
  • My favourite villian is bane
  • you trynna roast me for grammar
  • all these niggas in laughter
  • welcome to the next chapter
  • all my niggas in anger
  • stop fuckin actin like a gangster
  • trynna act like a blood a crypn
  • or shit
  • only cryp i know is blueface
  • bitch you cant afford a place
  • rappin on beats you don't own
  • hah hah me
  • suck a fat one
  • yeah im done
  • put you in a stun
  • just for fun
  • aint no nigga got a gun
  • you nun
  • better run


  • Guess Who it's true we can call this round Dejavu/
  • This is not our first battle, remember that time when I killed you/
  • But I look under ur crew and it says killed David what the fuck dude/
  • I literally dropped your head at the foot of of king Saul so fuck you/
  • So here we are for the second part of a saga that started years apart to settle once and for all who killed who when I go for your throat and rip your fuckin head off/
  • I'm not throwin stones your no giant holmes Go Lieth on a freeway with a sleep mask and headphones on listenin to Deftones since that's all I hear when I put on your songs/
  • 3 features and 2 of em are battles what kind of bullshit your be on I spit my bars into tablets of stone and drop them hoes like a Microphone/
  • I dont get featured tho 1 is a rookie tag and the other has uncle Sam on it cause I cant get one on my own/
  • Shout out #TaxinSeizin we killed that shit bro fasho/
  • Still slept on but enough about me wut up Go/
  • Liath the Philistines Titan hidin behind no labels or jus cant get one I'm finding it hard to fathom nobody has labled you the try hard giant/
  • Oh he's so defiant 226 battles in with 122 wins means u lost more then half of them/
  • Killed David my ass young man child tellin me I hope you do well foo/
  • I responded lol me too but the lol was me laughing at you cause I already knew in this round 2 I'm gon revisit my dominion over his name and murder ball this dude/
  • Hashtag truth/
  • And if by some odd chance I lose I still win cause nana nana boo boo/
  • I'm rubber your glue so everything you say ricocheted off of me and jus made you look like a God damn fool/
  • See I can be loud and obnoxious too but that's not me I will leave that for you and the battlers in your crew/
  • Hi Jay Alexander yea that one was a shout out to you/
  • But back to my lil Giant that's you hoe, Gogos mouth so big he can deep throat 4 cocks whole while swallowing 2 supreme burritos and recite the national anthem while holding his nose closed, that's disgustingly amazing as far as hidden talents goes/
  • Now observe as Go Goliath shoves his foot down his throat with no choke/
  • Whooooa/
  • Bro your punches are generic at best like Sam's choice produce it's hard to digest but I digress/
  • The only V you will receive from me will be for valiant effort but no victory you can add it to your collection of VD badges you have for your consecutive contractions of venereal disease/
  • Then he gon have a V for Vendetta cause after this battle this cracker gon be more salty than a saltine/
  • Throw some cheese on this Ritz cause this case is obviously one of charity/
  • The only Tipz he receives is when he pole dancing at his local gay club Fuzzy-N-Frisky/
  • You diss me bitch please this for me isn't even risky the Giant Goliath could do a Hadu ken flying upper cut and jus miss my knees I pick u up and place you in a place of relevance temporarily jus so I can look you in the eyes and tell you, your nothing to me, you Giant peep squeak/
  • Goliath the Gargantuan flatulent pussy could have faith asĀ  much as a peach seed and still come up short against the dick that this prick can be/
  • Bitch it the N O R S to the T/
  • A R 15 this hoe and bury him with no label or marker to remember him/
  • You gon remember me even if you get hit by a free fallin beam get knocked into a 10 year coma wake up from your deep sleep with amnesia tha Grimmsta still gon be your last living memory/
  • Like a fleeting dream you awaken in cold sweats like who is this voice haunting me/

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