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No cursing because I'm making this hard. I wanna see an original track that actually goes hard

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  • Z-Zeitgeist! I be writing real "flex". Practicing thinking new and big you be counting the
  • checks of the no money you get from this rap pad fad you have thinking
  • you're half decent nah just bad. Adding Pro to your name is in the
  • cart 11 dollars for some banner art? Wasted piece of crap
  • you bought at the rap pad mart.
  • You're fans would be made at someone
  • that has the confidence to diss the #1 on the website just for fun
  • they be hating I'm crocodile dun with them you know who you are.
  • You are the hare I'm the tortoise let me reinforce this climbing all
  • on my own taking the throne. Making raps since age seven
  • turning people to ash making fire with my flow like Klyo Ren you be
  • practicing school choir. Took you two decades to get this bad
  • like you always were never improved mixed up or stirred the rap.
  • Riding your trike bike fell off need a band aid first aid while I'm getting
  • higher just a friendly diss but you need two decades at least to recover
  • its required! Making the fire building an empire future bright getting brighter
  • getting what you deserve and desire a new worthy fighter going to burn
  • you down with only a PC and a flow as fire as a lighter.
  • So long all along you've been trash wack rap inspect element hacking
  • your numbers. Collapsing you are I'm relaxing dropping bars
  • real entertainment I got far you're no rapper nor are you a star nor star.
  • Using other diss tracks for me is only showing how I'm untouchable
  • not affected by Croc's voting. But winning is just a promotion nothing big
  • for me I don't care. You guys clout chasing pigs starting crap
  • basic as Croc's CD. Come at me!
  • This MC is the real star everyone else is copying Eminem lyrics
  • now SHOW THE WEAKLING YOU ARE. I'm just bringing the appetizer
  • like the chef I am you're green eggs and ham!
  • You're word play is from kindergarten when you quit
  • you will be forgotten. This is bloody 0 Creativity NOTHING!
  • What you're listening to is going to be a real discussion.
  • Malfunction its a sin to be this grim my hardest hitting is nothing
  • actually just in your eyes but I'm not even trying. You're humming
  • along I know it I see it your eyes NOW SHOW IT! Who's you're
  • owner who's a good boy not you basic fake plastic drake action figure
  • toy is this you're job because you should unemploy. You're fired I'm fire
  • dipped in flow sauce out the window you go because I'm the king
  • I'm the boss you know you're low blows are nothing and you're
  • suffering the exposed bones burn you're body with a lighter
  • I'm not rapping I'm STRAIGHT FIRE!


  • I dont think you get it what i said tho
  • my pen and pad can kill call it death note
  • On some real shit im the best tho
  • aim down the sight one eye half blind bulls eye
  • call me death stroke with every pen stroke
  • im so sick i think i got a head cold
  • oh wait uts just my neck froze
  • I aint really tryna flex tho but you best know
  • i keep that piece on me like its an extention of my elbow
  • I dont suck when i studder its just this mortal body cant keep up with the lyrical deity
  • deep in me coming out and hand the keys to me best be believin in me
  • Im not in the rap picture cuz im signing it
  • designing it pulling strings like a puppet master of rhyming bitch
  • im like a glitch in the game i can be the worst or the best
  • for you or against but if your for me then your for me
  • no sense in being on the fence

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