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  • he get the clap i get the clap we be clapping' he runing to the ops he a bitch he be yapping' rid round town wit a scope and mazet we go drop 30 if we ever catch you lacking, leave all of them dead if they asks wit just happened, dancing' wit ma choppa cause da bithh just did magic, he said he finna kill me but i know it's a lie pull up to yo street bang bang time to die. shoot him when i'm bored when you get to heaven say hey to the lord. you know me i ain't playing he was talking shit now they asking where he laying ,
  • yea yea they tryna be me on this beat i get funky tanky lanky aka 47 leave
  • them dancing like a monkey, i had nothing so you know you was lucky,
  • just like souja boy you know we get cracky i was
  • always with them killers with them melody, when the police pulled up nigga
  • you know me, never ran from shit you better not try me, choppa bullets
  • leave you dead with yo family, as yo family dies yeah my family rise, ain't
  • nobody tried me cause i stayed with the guys i was beating niggas
  • up no matter the size


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  • Verse-
  • Yo im sick of motherfuckers talking like they was the hottest
  • Lets be honest, you aint eminem in 02 to 03 you cant accomplsh what that mans accomplished
  • I got rap game slayers, im the leader they the accomplice
  • Spitting conscious you bitches obnoxious talking like whos the best in this game now, i think nobody is
  • This game aint shit but a moral shitstorm for the socially righteous
  • I hear no bars coming out these faggots mouths except politically correct bullshit, fuck your religious freedom
  • Im a phenom of my time fill my victims with venom vigorously
  • You talking niggerish g ill eat these rappers like licorice
  • You a fucking pansy go rub your clitoris get a tampon
  • You sipping on 40s while im sipping chandon
  • Put these murders in to action bitch i do this with passion
  • A fraction of what i put out is like this so get used to it if you dont like it you can suck on my dick
  • Beating the beat up like when im punching a bitch in the jaw
  • Draw your gun on me and ill teach you my law
  • Carry baggage thats for the felons youre in the presence of your god thats in the heavens
  • Cause im jehovah listening to jay z you can call me the young hova
  • Cause im rolling in my nova you can smell the weed aroma
  • Bitch im hiding like a cobra im the snake in your yard
  • You must be a retard if you think youre going this hard
  • Im dwelling in the city its the land of them sharks youre going overboard got you screaming disembark
  • 18 years old grinding to reach a benchmark
  • Cause ive got a twisted heart that got me screaming die hard
  • You making it rain im making a spark
  • Inspiring youth to spit that shit thats dark
  • Ayo im sick of every nigga that claim they squeezing triggers
  • Talking bad about my name im bout to put two in your liver
  • Cause im flaunting my roca wear and Hilfiger wearing brown timbs baggy pants this what i act like
  • Ive had bitches tell me im black cause i dont act white
  • But i grew up in the urban jungle where talking could cause you trouble
  • I hate to burst your bubble but you have never been theough the struggle
  • I was homeless, hopeless and addicted to nicotine
  • So if you talking about how hard you had it you gonna get killed at the motherfucking guillotine

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