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  • you are number 1 in this site
  • you are dog dont try to bite
  • if you can face me so come and fight
  • cause you are going to loose tonight
  • i thought you deserve that rank
  • you are a barrier i am a tank
  • in front of me your barrier will sank
  • cause i am not a kid i am superman
  • at first you were great for me
  • but now i thought i was crazy
  • you are a tiny lock i am your key
  • because i am an elephant you are just a flee
  • i am your biggest nightmare
  • for your win just go and do a lot of prayer
  • rapper like me are really so rare
  • go and ask for votes everywhere
  • last time i was in my car
  • passionate like a superstar
  • in my hands there was a guitar
  • and my driver was smoking with a cigar
  • my rap was viral
  • i could find my survival
  • the day of my arrival
  • i was felling like michael
  • yo, i am rap god
  • like you were sucking my cocks
  • there was no one who could make me stop
  • cause i am the boss not anyone socks


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  • Now as I break down a blunt of this fif wheel/
  • I'm thinkin to myself if the devil real/
  • Then I bet his weed probably be straight Kill/
  • Hit that shit eyes roll back Chill Bill/
  • Still he'll probably want your soul to smoke/
  • A bowl of his shit but yo tho bro/
  • How long ya think you can ride that high fo/
  • Jus baked eyes closed fo weeks, months, maybe mo/
  • Then whispers slip thru the atmosphere/
  • As I lite the blunt I start to hear/
  • Auditorial Hallucinations in my ear/
  • Like a voice in my head so I asked "who's here?"/
  • Then a black mist seeped in and filled the room/
  • And a figure standin tall appeared from the gloom/
  • "Who are you?" I asked but I already knew/
  • He jus smiled and said "I brought something for you"/
  • He held out a small black box carved from oynx to me/
  • As I reached up to take it he cautioned "One thing"/
  • "My soul?" He shook is head "No, I will let you keep the weed/
  • For credit to a song Kaze E is goin to ask you to write about me"/
  • I said "Shit, Bet, you can have it dawg"/
  • That's when I sit down and wrote this song/
  • Loaded a bowl of that devil green and it's the bomb/
  • So Kaze E Satan said he gon put you on/

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