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Battle on September 10 2019


  • Kid, you must have a nonexistent career cause oh you tryna spit facts.
  • Only to realize they're fake. How can I still be rapping when leverix was disbanded?
  • Common sense, right? Cause then you also brought the shit up of saying "oh my career was "invented"
  • And, you were irrelevant as fuck nobody fucking like you cause it seemed like you suck dick in the rap carrer.
  • Stop being a wanna-be Eminem and go back to hiding out. Your beefs are abnoxious. Your naturally a poison to rap.
  • Oh call yourself "rap Titan" but I don't see THAT in you. You find rhymes but can you make a proper diss? No you can't.
  • Saying the same shit over and over like a record machine.i ain't fake. Just tryna talk real and if I ain't "gangsta" I'll be more likely to kill your ass
  • And beat it Lil home. be careful on where you say all this shit cause you used outdated stuff. Underestimating cause you think your GOATED
  • I don't need a dictionary to rap. Yeah I'm rapping better without using a fucking dictionary. Cause your career is also fictional.
  • Like a book labeled "fiction" except it's someone's career being laid. To rest come on kid.
  • Stop dissing. Cause we all know you talk the same shit over and over. You and all them other rappers. Doubt me? But when it comes to dissing boy.
  • Don't mess with me. Fucking kid can call me an asshole. Least I can admit I'm wrong and you can't. You see how much more respect I get? Oh wait you do realize sword and
  • Kypronite ain't fucking same. Bro get you godamn facts straight. All your so called "disses" or as I call it just trash talking
  • And speaking on being violent ain't a proper "diss" oh you wanna compare? Wanna be the "stormin" things he can bring random shit and clout.
  • Erase the "c" in the lout. And add a "D" and take the "T" out at the end is your a fucking loud mouth. I gotta say I thought mumble rappers where disgraceful to rap.
  • It proves me wrong cause your far worst. As for stormin "S" stands for shit "T" stands for kid who must suck titties 24/7 I'm 10? The fucks up with that?
  • You must be 7 if I'm 10. It's like I'm the non wannabe ass rapper. Your one of the top 5 rappers I will body In 10 minutes within one song.
  • Wanting to practice but comes spoiling the "day" you ain't foiling nothing just to wrap your self up in foil. Your overated like the illuminate. Except far fucking worst.
  • "Fake half ass" more like a whole sword who can end one storm like a calm before the storm and I'll make and shatter you emotionally and physically. Lyrically and serially.
  • Make you cry just to be hungry for more trash talking. I rapped and you came in the world of rap as the "beef causer" greensons "sloppy second" can you at least be more invented than just a overated
  • YouTube diss line? Storm: "no cause I'm a fucking faggot ass rapper who is up to no good can I least suck on a goats dick" bitch, respect your G's
  • That includes my ass. Since half or not. I'm still fucking better than you. Shut your mouth storm: "what did you say oh I'm too fucking retarted and say the same shit over And over again. Please help me make a diss"
  • Speaking of fucking "nobody" how can I even relate to that sword: "I ain't heard of ya in months, stormin how've you been?" You went in to hiding just to eat up all the beef you caused
  • Which made your ass choke. You skinny as a small flounder. Yeah you thought you founded my career I re invented it. You made career to shit your ass over it.
  • And speaking of ass you eat ass before you make a diss that's how bad your diss was oh so your "rap god" in R&R co. But I'm rap expert it seems like you got destroyed by someone who didn't even rap long
  • But I can bury you deep 1,000 feet In the ground. Talk and act like your hard but your insecure you tryna beef with ol'G's that's how stupid you are. And speaking of that your just my shadow. I'm more of a OG compared to you.
  • Bet ya can't use a gun. Son, I'll murder you once you come close and step with your superiors. And ogs you fucking pest.
  • I'll erase you and your fucking career slowly. Maybe that's why you went to hiding. Anyways, fuck yourself up more stormin


  • Actin’ like a gangster but your ten,
  • I’d shatter you in a real fight,
  • My “weak disses” are known to be better so go tweak your disses ,alright?
  • Now before you bring some gang shit to the table remember your nothing,
  • Better take caution I’m about to ignite,
  • Call yourself a sword but this guns your kryptonite
  • My rhymes goin’ straight through your face like laser eyes
  • Rhyming like a gangster but that’s pretend,
  • You haven’t done any crimes either,
  • This dude is fake,
  • For gods sake, you wouldn’t me down without your mother,
  • In real life behind that computer screen,
  • Your a loser, call this a fable your probably a furry
  • Your only rappin’ still because of Levrix,
  • We collapsed and now your no longer shit,
  • your a nobody,
  • your greenson’s sloppy-seconds (Boom)
  • I’m the one doin’ the betrayal now,
  • Crack-a-boom I be fillin’ the bars with static,
  • Your sword is not serrated so you can’t stab through shit,
  • In reality your a pussy and a bitch,
  • Spittin’ fire like a phoenix
  • The thunder from the storm is comin’ down as if it was zeus
  • It’s like The real rap god is ares
  • Listen hoe, I know you get all of those references.
  • I’m throwin’ lyrical punches like mike tyson
  • Knock you out on the real streets until’ the horizon
  • Spittin’ insults so fast it’s like I’m shooting a bison
  • Okay, before WE GO
  • I wanna LET YOU KNOW
  • That compared to you I’M A RAP TITAN.
  • I’m gonna enlighten you on the fact that a real G
  • would leave blood spillin’ from your head
  • While you lyin’ on the streets dyin’ and almost dead,
  • 10 gunshots on your arm and legs
  • Strangle you and punch you in the head,
  • make fun of you and obliterate your balls,
  • Beat you til’ unconscious,
  • Still beat you until the cops come.

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