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Battle on May 31 2019


  • I unleash the khamala/
  • I be that beast goat/
  • Slit a throat wit the tread/
  • I spread this flow like a virus/
  • My lifeless be stronger than ya wordplay/
  • I earned the world to be my bitch/
  • Gon be rich nigga gon slick talk a hoe/
  • My flow be the hardest/
  • I be the hottest rapper alive/
  • The darkest night gon end wit the blunt/
  • Gon stunt on motherfuckers/
  • Suckers wanna see me fail/
  • I inhale that smoke in my body/
  • You a nobody gon copy my style/
  • Pile up my flow on the scale/
  • Bail out from prison fuckers runnin/
  • Stunting on these fuck boys/
  • Rejoiced on the track/
  • Niggas tryna suck my sack/
  • I be back at it to unleashed/
  • Released that heat on ya niggas/
  • That cash be makin me numb/
  • I be smokin them trees all night/


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  • I asked you to display your full wrath on me, my dear Lordeezy
  • Fearless he be, he unleashed the what?
  • Did you even read it bruh, I said Kamehameha – yano' how Gohan exalts,
  • 'Khamala'? Nah but when I jot a sonnet I unleash the spirit of Kamala Das,
  • You be that 'beast goat'? A Saanen milked for my Häagen-Dazs,
  • Katana to the esophagus, slaughtered off at a sacrificial ritual,
  • Bilious spittle and your visage what I vomit on,
  • If the world is your bitch please put a condom on,
  • I be the hottest/hardest since the formation of lava rock,
  • Diamonds on my pickaxe I flex on 'em at Comic Con,
  • Rich as fuck I sold your soul under stocks and bonds,
  • You stuntin' on 'em but you're broker than Evel Knievel when his coccyx popped,
  • I don't wanna see you fail but I just saw you flop,
  • Flossin' fake Audemars you bought at the Dollar Store,
  • Photoshoppin' wads of dough with Instagram models at the Bali shore,
  • Ballin' more when ya called to court, the Lyrical God from Newark on all fours,
  • Mop the floor with him like he was a 40 ounce bottle poured,

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