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Battle on September 15 2019


  • Replace your painkillers/ with pain thinner/ I ain't even a bit bitter/ just a compulsive sinner/ who took out a six figure/ life insurance on their pet sitter/ then hit her so hard she was left disfigured
  • Remove all fingers except the center one,/ commit murder and get away with it like Caitlyn Jenner does,/ run over a random guy I'm jealous of/ then knock him out with fifty pounds of sedatives/
  • I dont know what emcee/ you could put against
  • me/ to seem threatening/ you seem kinda
  • friendly/ dont worry, kicking your ass is
  • complimentary/ it's just that incidentally/ I've
  • been pissed of immensely/ and one dumnass
  • joke is all it took to put me in a frenzy/ so now
  • you go missing like that chick Mackenzie/ these
  • rhymes are elementary/ mercury /deadly/ like burning pennies/ in the back of a Bentley/ while swerving into many enemies/ armed with heavy weaponry


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  • what's your name son Xzavior York people call me a dork but I tell the lord
  • for support to record that's nice let me get ice let me be real is that a deal
  • yes i will confess with success let me dress up as NF cause he was my
  • motivation the one that kept me going as a rapper yeah my mama said
  • I hated her now everyday I wake up I feel like hurting myself but no one
  • else care's I fall in tears like no one cares I want to go to sleep but i cant
  • people piss me off but I say leave me alone but no one listens to me so I
  • listen to m thoughts didn't know what i brought let me swat the ball good
  • call big fall on the wall no mall

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