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Battle on May 1 2019


  • I wouldn't ask you to hop on a track even if you were a Content Creator
  • I got my pen and paper, for you to make a good song you'll need a hundred erasers
  • I'm the Ninth Person Left your will never be a remainder
  • Of all these other rappers, shit you're getting bodied by a teenager
  • You would have grief and fear with only fifty years
  • You think people can't see right through you so let me make something clear
  • You're driving me crazy like mad cow dieses, it's time for me to steer
  • Let's Reflect on your past, like looking in a mirror
  • You made a song with WCR, cool, you're such a great volunteer
  • Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like it's the Final Draft
  • In this battle you broke a leg, but you didn't make the cast
  • You wouldn't mean shit even if you came out of my ass
  • You asked me for feedback but nag bro I'll pass
  • But in all honesty, I asked you for feedback as well
  • Am I in the wrong or the right, you can't even tell
  • You got your hopes up to high, time for a wishing well
  • Drown you in your sorrows, now you're rolling in the deep like Adele
  • Smash your biker looking ass to some steel, now that's pedal to the metal
  • Gonna deck you in the face like a spider, a fucking black widow
  • It seems like you get a lot of victories, but you won't get this win though
  • Fuck....couldnt think of a line with the word window
  • America is so crazy but I'm in the right state of mind
  • Can you just fucking shut up? And help all man kind?
  • Oh my Gawd your raps are so precious, they're like a fucking shrine
  • Just to let you know that last line was a God damn Lie
  • I'm just keeping this simple for the sake of your brain
  • Cause something this big can't fit inside your grain
  • Can you walk the walk? Nah, you're fucking lame
  • My raps are Ravenous and to hard to tame
  • This is one less dick down that just got dicked over
  • Ripping your arms off like this is Red rover
  • Fucking your tombstone like your name was Ben Dover (Bend Over)
  • Like Warwick Davis all I need to defeat you is a four leaf Clover!
  • Cause your luck is over!
  • I got range on this fucking rover
  • I'm laughing at you on the inside but I got a straight face like we're playing poker
  • You ain't worth Nothin
  • But I'm fucking something
  • I'm starting to wonder how you be drinking all that Cum shit
  • Let's get back to business I'm just being nice
  • Ate this nigga up like shrimp fried rice
  • You Gambled on this deal, you rolled the dice
  • Make up your mind, are you frozen yogurt or Vanilla ice?
  • Anyway I'm fucking done
  • I beat you like a drunk father with his son
  • My bars were kryptonite to your raps but to be honest you arent powered by the sun


  • reflect on your brand names coming up with those goofy generic ass names, changing so often
  • pushing them out once a month, i will air on the side of caution and call you mickey,
  • I've seen fifty two so far but the list goes to disney,
  • Try to sell your bars to the crowd in the house but no one buying, All you really do
  • is crash your act into the ground , how you're the shit and not have a label, look at your craft
  • And compare, Content, got your mind unstable you never able to sit at God's table,
  • Not knowing who you're, what it shows is that you lack goals, something goes wrong
  • and you turn rogue, focused on glow but never flow, no control like a puppet show
  • I'm cutting the strings so go fall off, you're burnt out, lost in a black hole and notion
  • That you're a star is about to implode, because I'm about to expose you and
  • let it be know, that you're ten millennia short to see me, I'm born to be baking sweets and heat, but
  • this here's taking candy from a baby, all too easy for me, do you hear me? cause I'm still here
  • never running and i got steel here to your temple, so you can sit still and hear
  • the impact of when my lyrics smack you and leave you looking like a stricken deer,
  • your stuff though? Nah I wouldn't touch it even if i needed to wipe my ass with it,
  • You act as if it is not something weird that Gaga would puke up, put you in a grave
  • with little space, head to chest so you can still hear your mother's voice in the temple, same spot
  • Y'all together forever on her hip like Robin Arryn, talked reckless and you got spaded
  • i took your organs out, now you can't reproduce what you use to do, But I'm in the kitchen and i
  • steal meals from cats that think they're real Wolves out here, there's a stark difference between us,
  • on a court i carry you i don't hop on your track because i would bury you, Trust me
  • your not even better than Melo, So young but i got a mind of a vet, i don't need to pump
  • i just shoot, my energy puts this dog to rest, That's what you get for trying to double cross me,
  • snatch his arm off his body cause he doing too much, do him dirty break his legs then get a need
  • to admire my work, i gotta step back, I'm not scared of you or anyone here. I
  • got lyrics, heart, and aggression, that's a triple threat, just jab at you to make you flinch
  • Then go right through you and rise up over you to slam down a punch that make the whole crowd say
  • God damn this man got black mamba mentality, Hitting faster than Ip man,
  • Guess that right cause when i spit it's deadly with venom, broadcasting this beating
  • World wild, oh it will be televised, I'm heavy with wisdom, and I'm nice,
  • rocking you while you're sucking your thumbs, blows hurt your core, you ain't ready for war,
  • one move you're already on the floor, that's what you get for taking an Ali stance
  • Don't play with me I'm Larry Holmes, confident you're getting better yeah it's true,
  • among unskilled rookies you got the top pick, but i dare you to say you'll grab me
  • and slam my head to some steel, pedal to the metal right? that some weak shit,
  • I'll grab a hammer and crack your skull like Mook did Brizz, then go bowling with it and get a
  • strike in court stop playing with me, I'm not new to this I'm true to this, so you send a diss,
  • congratulations heres a pedal, Go back to bed with it, want a match? Smoke? Nah, You don't
  • want any of it, after this over imma sit you down and make you reminisce,
  • of a peaceful time when you didn't have a demon you had to wrestle with....sike,
  • I'm right here and when i grab your pen out your hand it'll snap you back to reality,
  • Cause you're stuck in wonderland i wonder where you'll land, spitting that you're a god
  • but you're just another heretic full of vanity, so when i burn you at the stake you'll be singing
  • Your final tone, three blows to your chest that's a trilogy, rip your soul out, leave that body shaking,
  • Now your spirit feeling me, but your vessel fearing me, so next time you speaking
  • To your father boy listen to me, you want to turn but imma give you one warning,
  • the last time a bird challenged me i ripped his wings off and sent him into the ground,
  • now his pass time is trying to get my second helpings,I be loving what i do
  • and it always has meaning too, so one thing you're right about is that I'm a Content Creator,
  • and to erase this trash i see i only need one click, a man with divine grace put you down with a book and hook
  • So when C in the room just shut up and listen or I'll pull you up out the water you in and show you what these sharks do
  • When we talk big fish out of a big pond, your shit not even worthy being called fundamental,
  • that's fun to the mental mind, your shit not lyrical just typical of what a baby scribbles
  • and give to his dad calling it art, imma let it be know you can't beat me if you are only about the basics,
  • so I'm m driving you crazy? Man let me put my feet up then and get a condo in your head's balcony.
  • Now i got a view of what's going on and you're twenty four levels below me that's why
  • You burning in this fire, broke a leg in this battle but it wasn't mine,
  • Just because i cook your ass with this flame and digest you don't mean You're
  • the shit, not in my view you're just the invisible man on a line
  • And just like your raps homie, i don't feel you a tip in advance for you, stop using
  • repeated lines, and next time you talk to your God bow and pray to the shrine, if you're mad
  • that i forgot to give you feedback or do a collab it's fine, sit your ass back down
  • In the back raise your hand up, Teach will be there in a minute

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