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  • * Imma make you play go fish so go ahead and make a wish cause your going to seriously need a miracle
  • *When am done making you so miserable play your ass like all these other no good dummies
  • *Imma make shit get pretty rich Hit it like there know coming back more sicker then this fool
  • *Straight put in work while blowing all these fools toes off before his ass even semi starts to finally blow to flow
  • *I keep this show totally lit like nobody's business I seize the exact day
  • *This fools way to quick to get his fakers id lacks even taking his own breath intake
  • *Watch me see he cant even semi resist me shall i suggest go fish or just rest his face between this ass crack
  • *Never losing to making it famous just proving my self better then everyone else so just tag a face in it
  • *Swiftly swich shit off just to make an outrageous impression leaving everyone guessing
  • *Fake haters continue investing in me a leave there ass's for ever resting if i catch them hating
  • *Always maintaining taking this crowds breath away cause am just so amazing more like self made is my best outlook
  • *Aint a thing changed know of these haters can take that away cause i keeping make shit my main with out any pain
  • *Go ahead try to take away but my games too tight way far more on the crowd pleasing end instead of with all these fakes
  • *I keep my crowd more awake the whole time cause they dont wanna miss a glimpse of my unique spitting genes
  • *This fools so outdated he might just need to mingle for atleast a lil while choking now cant even open his mouth
  • *Watch me spill to kill never losing time this fools strictly loosing his mind cause hes just so much more lost then not
  • *Darkness becomes apart of him regardless atleast am always maintain brighting my own way his ass cant even semi perform
  • *Go ahead ask post malone am pretty sure you cant even get enough of this lovely outcome maybe next time around might
  • just have some kind of hope but intill then my friend good luck hope i didnt hit you to hard


  • Lyricism, Rear you bitches, Fear the writtens,
  • profile pic be looking like a contortionist, hitting weird positions,
  • getting you out on my writtens, but i hear it, i can hear petitions,
  • severe conditions, this bitch battling me was an extreme decision.
  • i'd knock you unconscious, face my surrealism
  • more fighting than these afflictions,
  • the only ''bad boys'' here, are the police, they villains,
  • complete the visions, ya eat my submissions,
  • i'd knock you fucking dead, you'll see your own spirit, bitches.

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