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  • Sup bitchass?
  • Think you were gonna body someone and get away with it faggot?
  • Oh you are such a baby! Let's get this on!
  • Bitch I will never claim to be an OmegaSpark cause that spark has disappeared
  • From Omega since he was whiny bitchy baby who was born with no dick
  • Bitch go kiss your gay ass father's face, I will body you to space
  • you are such a disgrace to live in this world, go spit on your mumma's face
  • Lemme spit on your best friend's grave. Fuck off you wannabe rapper
  • Always talking like he's a cracker but Imma crack that fucking cracker.
  • You have to get thrown in lava when you die so that people can walk without smelling your fat ass
  • You fucking asshole go back to where you belong (the trash)
  • You were born trash, you tried to steal your homie's cash but the getaway driver crashed.
  • You are just sitting there like (Gag) Gagged up your lung!
  • I am a wordsmith. What are you? a condom that's split?
  • Bitch shut the fuck up or we might have another body here!
  • I'll hunt down any of your dead friends and dig em up from the grave and spit on em!
  • I am disrespectful but you gotta respect me or you get bodied with a 12 gauge shotgun
  • Kiss my ass you faggot!
  • I'll end it here cause I wanna give you a chance to win.. oh wait that's a 0.01%.


  • I shouldn't respond or engage I know better...
  • Got a twelve gauge? Really? By my cases measure I gauged this 12 year old bed wetter through his juvenile writing style,
  • I can tell this fugly child will grow up to be that incel basement dweller,
  • 12 big macs a day cause the drive thru lady made contact when she handed you change and lightly smiled
  • Hats off to you killer.. unblinding this battle with so much confidence in your lines,
  • Now I gotta lynch you, tree hung like rearview mirrors and pine
  • I only battle recorded, just a matter of statement,
  • Pad farming kids hiding in pens, think they sizzling bacon
  • With pigggy jar excuses, "err I'd get a mic but my allowance isnt footing the payment"
  • Cant cultivate a talent that way, going forward if I dont respond to writing battles its nothing cowardly,
  • Schooling folk over recorded is fun, writing just feels like hourly
  • I discorded some lessons to give back to the youth rising,
  • And this disgraceful display is the result? I'll wage war like teachers unionizing
  • Should strike through your name, chalk line around this corpse spewing fumes from dying
  • Your verse is already toilet quality ass, not worth full re"butt"al
  • Not talking cars in space when I say I'm rocket leagues above you,
  • I've got Elon's ambition, Hat's just a disaster happening, means I'll leave any "challenger" shuttled,
  • You're placebo fake, lines got pretend substance like snorting sugar crystal
  • Call me a faggot after asking me to kiss your ass... pretty sure that makes you the one slurping dick hole
  • Already made off with the W but last thing I gotta say dawg,
  • King Omega been a cross of Kenshiro and Jaqen H'ghar,
  • means you were already dead before the face off....

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