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Jesus- won this battle!


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  • This a fuckin burial,
  • Tryin to hit me without my will,
  • Little fucking kid wants me to chill,
  • But still,
  • having beef,well this is a thrill
  • Until,
  • He hits me again,
  • Mc burial,
  • tries to enter my realm,
  • Mc burial tries to hold it,
  • but mc burial wants beef and he's desperate,
  • My mans might want my help,
  • But my skills are unparalleled,
  • This level ain't familiar,
  • Its like I am a computer,
  • But supersonic,
  • I can see the past,
  • You can call me superchronic,
  • This will be a small rap,
  • Because its a test,
  • I ain't taking non crap,
  • From this little fuckin pest


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  • I gave you TWO warnings not to write another diss
  • Then you go out and decide to disregard the shit
  • I was tryna be reasonable since you only just joined the site
  • But you went out a picked a fucking hopeless fight
  • Accept criticism, Demon was being honest
  • Then you dissed him, now you gon' go through all this
  • Little bitch-dick imma slay you regardless
  • Murder this little puppy like im stone cold or heartless
  • You gon' see a bright light, but you still in the darkness
  • Little faggot-ass bitch, why you gotta start this
  • I can't believe i got dissed by a hangra-level artist
  • Lil_calz, the fuckwit certainly aint the smartest
  • If IM making you sick I must already have some disease
  • You having a fucking trip? Ill fucking defeat you with ease
  • So suck my fucking dick, bitch get on your knees
  • Fucking give up quick, im a fucking cop, now freeze!
  • Now get on your knees, dick is what you'll eat
  • So shut the absolute fuck up and accept defeat

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