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  • Claim they can kick it, yeah fucken rocks, So sick of all you tics all you do is tok, claim you number one but your far from the top, acting high and mighty your about to get dropped, hate to burst your bubble but your bout to get popped.
  • Auto correct me if I’m wrong but I happen to notice a lot of ‘lenses taken photos but they’re all outta focus’
  • Listen
  • I came here to speak what I wish, take out aggression when I need to diss, sometimes be a lady when they insist, mostly cheerful until I get ticked.
  • Never was some white trailer trash raised in a ghetto.
  • No slums or shelters but surrounded by pedo's.
  • So what defines or rates the traumas, is added on by situations with commas, who’s to blame is it ourselves or the mamas and papas?
  • Who is to make rules and act like a nanny say something one don't like an the whole pact is up your fanny.
  • Well up yours with your congregation of bafoon's ya'll just looney tryna play car-tunes.
  • Some of you really should swallow that spit cuz I ain't here for trouble but I won't take no hits and for some reason my lyrics give me confidence.
  • I see so many judgements but they outta jurisdiction, point the finger at another that's a bit of contradiction.
  • Take a look at the eyes staring back at you do you see yourself as see through too?
  • We all got flaws and we don't make these universal laws, ya'll try to cut with claws now what's wrong huh? Cat got your paws?
  • All hats but no tricks. All match but no sticks.Top one hundred but it's still a blank disc.
  • I'd make like an archer and aim just right. Perfected eagle vision set on whatever's in my third sight, sometimes including passages that don't feel right, realize bonds that ain't so tight, and polished pennies don't shine like a dime.
  • More ironic than most the irony in those pennies most be spent before we get to save up
  • trans-actions always pending.
  • Do you understand how or the way my mind says things, makes my head ring call me a Bell saved by several clinging of dead dreams but the scapes so beautiful. I don’t wanna drown in the tears that dread streams.
  • I stay in my own sheets, debone all these old beefs,
  • For all you little homies who need advice and guidance, make your pen strike these bitches like a lightened trident.
  • They can't hold you back and force you down if they smack you up make them bow the fuck down.
  • You don't have to be a killer a gangster or Godfather, if they wanna catagorize tell em don't even bother, cuz you can be fucken holy and not walk on water.
  • You do you boo and all these clowns can have their jokes all the glitters shine but the 'gold bars' are broke.


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  • im a fucking syco analist
  • a battle catalist ,a war stradegist,
  • when i clench my fucking fist,
  • you then get the gist,
  • of which my subreabral consist,
  • if they knew what i was thinking they would then insist,
  • to make thinking strictly illegal,
  • thoughts are caught and some are missed,
  • like clouds of smoke and mist,
  • you dissapear after you been dissed,
  • like your sis ,you got a pussy and a clit,
  • a pair of tits,
  • wear the high heels if the shit fits,
  • the knife my hand holds ,controls n grips,
  • leaves you with neck slits,
  • the skin and flesh seperates n splits,
  • blood drips n spits,
  • blue and red beams has the road lit,
  • this dirty life full of grime and gritt,
  • deep in the fucking shit,
  • running trying to get the hell out of it,
  • i survive, only reason im still alive,
  • is coz ive been found fit,

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