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  • Stop defending (Tomorrow) Bitch I'll put you back to yesterday
  • I don't want no beef trust me, so you might wanna step out the way
  • I don't understand how you defend the one bitch who gave you aids
  • I understand you perfectly, your black and white, just some different shades
  • I'll come at you with venom, but please do not touch my snake! /
  • We all know you want too...
  • Your probably the nerd who threaten people by yelling "SteP BacK I KnOW KUnG fU!!" /
  • You make me wanna use the restroom, get this shit out my system
  • And I know I am me cause I J-J-Just dissed him
  • But, he's J-J-Just Missin'
  • He doesn't like his position
  • He calls it the "Mission"
  • And I can tell you putting it in is not his ambition
  • He gets it within
  • And he doesn't swallow, he is just spittin'
  • The shit he's "been given"
  • I'm not speaking of weed dog, I'm speaking of dickens!


  • ok aye aye look at me drip that shit dripping she on my dick and she is
  • addicted i do not play do this everyday i let that shit drip get the fuck out
  • my way aye look at my shit that shit drip fucking on me i make her sick
  • ice on my neck and on my risk pull out the glock i shoot the whole clip
  • if he want to play i got the glock on my hip i go dumb i may take a sip
  • shawty a trip i am a blood nigga you crip nigga get a grip im fucking your
  • bitch nigga a snitch sell dope to get rich i may be a rich nigga but im not
  • a bitch look at my drip look at me drip aye aye ok

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