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  • I came from the surface bitch, on the top because I'm worth it bitch
  • Your pain will stay perminent, perminently gonna hurt like shit
  • Niggas know I'm prominent, dominant when I'm walkin' in
  • I came to drop this shit, pop yo shit. I know that your hurt from this
  • P-p-pop him like some molly, his body starts lookin' sloppy bitch
  • D-d-diamonds on my lil fist, you get hit. Get knocked right in yo chin
  • Clenched my fist, tighten it, now these diamonds split it opened bitch
  • Hard as shit, you get hit, you said that shit felt just like a brick
  • Out comes that bloody shit, bloodyness, now my whole arm is drenched
  • Drippin' like pasta bitch, make this bitch more red than lobster bitch
  • This lil bitch got slaughtered, blood drippin' like it was lobster bisque
  • Someone call a doctor, where's his father, come pick up yo kid
  • Now I got bloody fist, washed that shit, I get em dried and cleansed
  • Knock that bitch on his ass, you get rocked, yeah I just dropped this bitch
  • Hit that bitch like Collard, he hollered, get kicked like soccer bitch
  • Plot against you like Cassius, you get stabbed like Julius
  • We need a body bag, for this body man, this piece of shit
  • Drop off his body man, near a river dam, and toss him in
  • Piece of shit, talkin' shit, you get bodied, yeah, get bodied bitch
  • This lil bitch, talkin' shit, Ima make sure he don't talk again
  • I don't give a fuck, give a shit, bout you 'Bliss' I'm over this
  • Blood runnin' down yo clit, pussy bitch, you on yo period
  • We know you don't got a dick, just admit, don't act in foolishness
  • Your ego needs a fix, your breath shit, shut up and take a mint
  • This individual, 'Visuals,' ain't even talented
  • The reason I'm convinced that your shit, is cause you don't admit
  • That your lyrics don't consist, lyrics with any good lyrics bitch
  • That's probably what causes this, lil 'Bliss' actin' like he's got the shit
  • Your too overconfident, you start conflict, all you do is 'diss'


  • 5000 wins with no signs of lyricism,
  • then gets pissed when he receives unwanted criticism,
  • you say your better than me but always come back after i diss you,
  • like fuck off dude, you left and i really aint got no right to miss you,
  • saying you passed me just to piss me off, i passed you lyrically,
  • get off your shitty rappers' dick and battle me individually,
  • admitting the fact that you just shitty and got no independence,
  • knock your rap sense out of you, might make you attention reminiscent,
  • say your all that like im scared of you, like bitch im one of a kind,
  • your raps stupid, like teaching colors to a man that was born blind,
  • farmed to get on the board, and still consider yourself famous,
  • i hit the shots i fire, the shots you shoot just pure fucking aimless,
  • you consider yourself the greatest, you for sure aint the brightest,
  • you cant rap and #1 on the game board, that shits nothing but biased,
  • i could end this at 20 lines and have your heartline gonna be straight,
  • you wanted to battle, in the end you the one to hesitate,
  • im spitting nothing but fire, so hot might as well call me fuego,
  • you can't even rap and claim you'll smash my career like its play-doh,
  • think again, cause after you read this you wont be able to think,
  • my raps hitting you so fast that you wont even have time to blink,
  • before you getting hit with more of whats actually called the truth,
  • your a sophomore, yet you still act like you haven't left your youth,
  • cracks me up, dude got 5000 wins and considers himself an emcee,
  • call yourself great but you dont even have any balls to diss me,
  • your everything but great, to get fame you just dick ride others,
  • this diss is out to hockey and to all of his "motherfuckers",
  • your gonna learn the hard way, i'm not the dude you wanna mess with,
  • said you were taking an L, now you get that with a true death wish,
  • i scored my shots and beat you in a real game of hockey,
  • feel safe until you get pissed for no reason and drop me.

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