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  • Hey, i read your bio, congrats on your first two bars...but judging by your username, I'd say that you're the retard
  • I'mma kill you like this track and bury you in my backyard...I will say this won't be easy, cause we're going at each other hard
  • Let me open by saying Eminem called and he's shocked...because we figured you'd be stealing rap devil this time instead of killshot
  • Yeah this guy stole his lyrics to help win his last battle...I'm sorry, but I couldn't let it slide, called me a tattle said I lied
  • boo-hoo, so sad, he said I lied...what do I do now, I run and hide...and sit in the corner and cry...but for real now, let's put this aside
  • and talk about the difference between me and you...the main this is, there's real problems that i've run into, and had to get through
  • and some of it's my fault for biting off a bigger chunk than I can chew...and I distanced myself, but to this game I stayed true
  • Everyone gave me the "You're white" bullcrap...but now I'm rubbing it in their face, now what they think of that...cause now I'm killing tracks on rappad's battle raps
  • man you noobs kill me cause to you it's all about makin a name and gettin the fame...but whatever happened to the love of the game
  • back when freestyling was just to entertain...when we learned right from our idols like 50 and lil wayne
  • but you just new and think you're so great...trying to battle me and you didn't even hesitate...which is fine by me, cause I can't wait to celebrate
  • my rhymes go down in history..."who's the best?" will be no more a mystery
  • like Jay-Z once said, when I pass the crowds will want more...and when they do, I'll resurrect and give an encore
  • and put the stage...on top your're six feet deep, and still my slave...wash my feet and help me shave
  • now kick back and watch me pave the road to the rap game...but be careful you might get wet if it rains...because this roof I'm gonna raise
  • and you noobs keep coming forever, I hope this ain't just a you can bow down and praise as I finish and say
  • if you want a rematch, you know I'm down always...but for this, I saw right through you like smoke, and where there's smoke there's fire, and you didn't just get burnt bro, you got blazed


  • when i say Frick
  • essennel, enter the classroom and bring Your essay or you're expeled, i'm the teacher but more like a sensei, you're better then me? you musta misspeled, while i'm like a wizzard cuz i never miss my spell
  • you're christian well i'm religiously beatin the holyness outa you, come here my children and let's beat this critically retarded fool WO! welcome to hells Kitchen where we cut the heads off these clucks With cruel pressision, now let me continue
  • this like a barbeque cuz i'm Cookin you, now i'm startin to, get serious i OutSmart Your Whole crew, i'm not furious i'm just sick of you, don't let me start on Your lyrics, now the time is due to mess you up bo
  • you frickin toddler i don't know why i even bother, imma conqure Your Kingdom With my wisdom lyricism and rythm, now i rule the fuckin system, you can't even take critisism, skill is somethin that you're missing, these punches i'm swinging like Tyson, Your spark's dead like the sun goin Down the horizon
  • now i'm goin rambo, i'm goin ram bro, then i'm forcin you to swallow my frickin horn ho, you're oh so low, i thought christians wasn't allowed to be homo, well i Guess not Thot, this business is full of sickness, i'm goin loco
  • Your rhymes hazardous and cancerous, my style is glamorous, burn you like a blastfurnace, matter off, fact, this is like the playoff and Your team is wack, imma attack, my flow make you jump up and Down like a cadilac, bro i get you so pumped, it's like i'm the pressident cuz you're gettin trumped
  • get dumped, it's like you're rapping drunk, you're grabbin and fappin Your Dick cuz you're not loved, i'm like god cuz you're gettin juged, the door to heaven's locked and it wont budge, see you in hell where imma eat you for lunch

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