Battles  -carNage- vs BXile


Use an Eminem or D12 beat

Max of 64 lines


BXile won this battle!


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Battle on August 18 2019


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  • Starts at 0:12
  • I'm throwing more shots than you, more like Bonnie than Clyde
  • You think you run this joint well there's no where to hide
  • BX you're my bitch so I'll make you my bride
  • Take you to my house and beat you till your black and white
  • I'll cut your liver, and turn your name into Bile
  • I'll take the X but I'll give it back in a while
  • Just kidding, I ain't gon give it to ya, put it in a pile
  • Of regrets and distress, I know I'm going wild
  • Last time I lost, well they say two L's make a W
  • Out of three rounds I'm gonna win twice like I faced a double you
  • I've gone rogue man I thought I already told you
  • I'm the next battler in the headlines you're just fucking old news
  • You're no Yugioh battler, so don't talk about the fusion
  • You trying to rap is for my fucking amusement
  • When you won't the first battle, nothing but confusement
  • I should've won that battle! If you have better bars then use it!
  • And O my carrots are better than my P's
  • Which means you're fruity, its not that hard to see
  • But Rogue, Carrots and Peas are Veggies
  • Those niggas that doubt me, can get wedgies!
  • You know what B? I think your fucking fat
  • My reputation? The skin on you knee is bigger than that
  • Yeah I went for the fat jokes, what you gonna do about that?
  • Youre a mouse that tells everything, you're a motherfucking rat!
  • So BX.....I heard you like your beef lean
  • Skinny angry cow, well I like my beef mean
  • You're songs are pretty blue but you seem a little green
  • I can see your true colors, with a little idiotic between
  • I'm the lyrical mirical
  • Spiting facts nothing spiritual
  • it seems like you never GRU up, how do fuckong despicable
  • The flow switched, dont even know what happened
  • You're a bad Bollywood movie, just without a caption
  • You're a strange person, a picture I can't capture
  • After this battle is done, I'll sweep you off your feet like the rapture
  • Or if you were my fucking wife
  • I'm not gay man, you should really get a life
  • What's the point of your story if its full of fucking strife
  • I could tale it easily, just give me a knife
  • You're sleeping on this battle, the fuck is wrong with you
  • You think your raps are shocking, they're merely a Pikachu
  • Just come up with better bars, there's no reason to pick and choose
  • Please put the vacuum down, no wonder you have so many hickeys dude
  • Fuck 64 lines I'll do 65
  • I'll make you get Xiled and put the B in a hive
  • This is battle rap nigga, learn how to survive
  • It's either you fail or it's either you thrive
  • Not tryna lecture you, I just want you to do better than before
  • I want you to be famous, I want you to fuck whores
  • But as long as I'm here, I'm gonna close that door
  • I don't carw if you cry, man let them tears pour
  • After you, Bellvadear can get this work
  • She barely raps, all she does is lurk
  • Then Maverick will suffer the same fate
  • And BXile I got one more thing to say
  • You listen to plants grow, put on your earbuds
  • What I'm trying to say is you're boring, man I don't give a fuck
  • I'm in my prime run you over by a truck
  • Besides. When you're Xiled you go Rogue, so again good luck


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  • With all these battles back to back, im drained, what’s left for Rogue to drain?
  • you say you’re king, to me you’re shit, get Royally Flushed like Poker games
  • we’re not the same, sonned you last time, and for that im an ashamed
  • father, think ya mom had a daughter, see you were born a trans
  • get disowned with that miss tone or get disposed like a flip phone,
  • you made the call to battle me, thats bad reception in ya home,
  • my fist make contact with ya face…still dodging cells for life,
  • im making moves, staying mobile, indulging in device (the vice)
  • changing ya name, what’s ya Tekneek?
  • you can change ya name but can’t change how much you’ll suck ass on the fucking next beat,
  • suffering succotash, imma little Looney, stab stab scream, type of Toons (Suffering Succatash is a phrase used in Looney Toons, means god dammit or holy shit)(tunes) that sooth me,
  • Crocker headass don’t you fucking test me, or i’ll flex dont wanna gets to shaking,
  • Palsy with the hands hit you wit that two three, fuck up ya Cerebral like you smoke tree,
  • this my house, I’m the bad host B, overstayed welcome you study me closely,
  • you set up them ritual candles that shit i cant handle, cant carry dis mantle(this mantle)
  • now watch me dismantle, ya manhood, that flannel you wear i cant stand it
  • and granted I’m going easy, im shitting in the John doe(though), leave this nigga John Doe,
  • I Cena(seen a) bitch nigga who can’t see me, im macho..
  • split ya dome like a taco, stand my Ground, Beef you dont want with this hot flow
  • stop bro, or you get sent to where Pac go,
  • pac went*, fuck off with the nonsense,
  • stop thinking you heat when you outgassing niggas, like you is a comet,
  • one punch then you vomit, saving the game? you know BX is on it,
  • better slow down, always repping my hometown..every line so profound,
  • rappad discovered BXile,that’s a mother fuckin known now,
  • go ahead Jack my style, get booed off stage, that’s a motha fucking Nome crowd
  • so just put down the pen, dont let me see you again...I awake fear in this bitch
  • you need to be wary and not to be fuckin with me… Shakespeare predicted this skit,
  • a god?..he must think that he IT,
  • gave you an L for you to put in front of that shit, still this bitch nigga aint LIT,
  • in battle rap you tryna fit, so when I toss you im throwing a fit,
  • BX the name dont you ever forget, or 9 to ya dome and its four that you’ll get,
  • for getting in my way im fucking up ya day, the gods you’ll try to pray
  • but you cannot be saved, ill Harlem Shake to death right on ya fucking grave,
  • if i give you my word, well that mean me no play, unless its wordplay…word,
  • play me then my wrath is what you face,
  • ya miss misplaced because she at my place,
  • if you a god then imma kill a god and catch an UPPER CASE,
  • if you don’t fuck wit me then so be it,
  • im Russian to ya moms clit,
  • spreading her legs like Communism, shit i guess my dicks like a Soviet,
  • im running out of steam im done with this, if BX win then off yaself you bitch….

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