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  • Fucking bitches and robbing stores
  • Keep my riches under the floorboards
  • Grab a knife try and back the jack into it
  • You lack the stacks to get the crack boys losing it
  • It ain't intuitive if you ain't a natural
  • I need money influence ain't collateral
  • I don't need help with the name recognition
  • The people that I've dealt with know that I'm cooking
  • Your the reason that fronting ain't for me
  • Cutting, busting and gunning a small man junky
  • I'll break your knees next week for my money
  • Think you'll get away, yeah we'll see little buddy
  • I don't sell to my friends cause of this
  • Can't imagine curb stomping or taking their fits
  • But you know a dope boy gotta do what he do
  • This the price you gotta pay for the cheese fondue
  • But don't you dare think I forgot about you
  • Leave an outstanding debt, better follow your curfew
  • And don't bet against the four three crew
  • Cause I'll cover that bitch, hint hint you're gonna lose


  • Nigga talkin bout he gon grab a knife thats ight i'll pull up with my Hoovers
  • then we shoot ya you know you just a loser a fat ass nigga on your couch
  • typing whack ass rap songs just typing putting in no thought eating chips
  • drinking soda watching tv never leaving that sofa need to lose some weight
  • today bet you dont even own a knife be in the wildlife killin niggas on a daily
  • basis going out in these streets every day aint no changes out making this
  • mutha fucking cash while you sit back you aint got no bitch you just
  • watch porn and jack white boy dont act like you black cuz i run up in crib
  • you'll get pressed i dont want to hurt a bitch but i'll lay a hand on you if you
  • snitch so much damage you dont even feel it

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