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No Shit talk

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Battle on August 16 2019


  • U aren't any shit
  • But way the width of lard
  • That explains why you rushed out of my yard
  • I flipped a card I got king
  • That explains while killing u dead
  • the raps you write haven't been read
  • I use the wall to no fair advantage
  • now im causing a couple of carnage
  • U don't stand to me
  • Because I know something about you
  • You went to a cranbook
  • That's a private school
  • all fell off in that uni degree
  • had to beg for help didn't he


  • I'm doc and I'm hot as lava, wrapped in a paper bag name tag reads drama,
  • Emcee' carcasses off the market when a target gets outta' hand and gets spotted like varnish,
  • The red carpet was mainly based off of Doc's enemies laying in the dirt with their legs broken,
  • A dragon outta' the slums has awoken don't provoke 'em he'll choke the air outta' the moment,
  • Holdin' my nuts is what these faggety rappers start spittin' into their mics,
  • It's like, Pippy Longstocking giving weed to a dyke, im outta sight,
  • Before the police come barging in', talkin' about bargaining,
  • they're parking 'n barking up the wrong tree,
  • This deadly emcee tarnishes these headless horses professionally],
  • A corrupt testimony written by Mario, you can see a piece of pepperoni,
  • Hangin' from the side of his Kart trophy, he's lonely but he owes me forty,

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