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angry love song

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  • you're a fragment of my imagination
  • the part abandoned by my frustration
  • the broken talent of my dedication
  • fuck my reputation
  • if you were a high like medication
  • then i needed this fucking addiction
  • then i needed this not to be fucking missin'
  • never knew what i had till it disappeared
  • i wish i knew before it steered
  • the way i lived making our life weird
  • like no eye contact without the glasses
  • like being blind within the madness
  • i got lost being senseless
  • within a maze of my own creation
  • like a hostage without negotiation
  • my death was what was waitin'
  • i looked for some inspiration
  • i looked for some information
  • to help me leave the fucking station
  • i placed myself in


  • We were so in love, how could you throw it away for some fuckin' drugs,
  • I swear' my fuckin tongue feels like it's going numb whenever I think of us,
  • I've had enough of loving the wrong one, heart fat 'n soft like packs of tums,
  • Remember you held the gun in front of everyone you hugged?
  • I guess the fuckin' cocaine made your brain unplug,
  • The last bit of knowledge you had of us has long gone been buried in the dust,
  • You would always post us on your stupid status,
  • Too bad they didn't know your heart was as dark and cold as madness,
  • Came back from Kansas found out you were stashing shit under a mattress,
  • Split your veins, fuck the pain cuz it'll go away easily with some pcp in my brain,
  • All we wanted was the perfect marriage, all you chose was the perfect beverage,
  • This life you couldn't cherish, when the sheriff busted in' you were gone from this world just starin',
  • at the wall where you wrote our name in blood, fuck this stupid I rather see you swim with pigs in mud,
  • Cuz that's how far you took it, grabbed a ticket and you fuckin' booked it,
  • To another place where I promised you I could never go,
  • I can't believe I fell for a fuckin' hoe, it's like my life was close to the river, it just wanted to flow,

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