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  • Nigga what happened to your 3/4
  • you're the one who started this war
  • you can't even afford a door
  • that's why your mums a whore
  • You ain't gotta worry no more
  • I got sexy ladies all over the floor'
  • Gold chains, 24, niggas must be shinin' more
  • Grew up in the jungle, where ur no more
  • I would say, you look cute with Your sister
  • but she is mine, I fucked her in the booty
  • Once as a slave who imagined being free
  • Bitches tend to love a nigga with the most money
  • Froze your bank account and seized my guarantee
  • Bitch, you tried to play me like a dummy
  • Busta-ass motherfuckers tried to flee
  • there is no escape from me, so suck on these
  • After this,
  • your next mission is to blow me up
  • try and catch in my Lamborghini
  • which you can only imagine
  • Top-ranked, number one my son
  • All the girls really want is fun
  • but wait,
  • your mum is the number one


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  • You are irrelevant, most unintelligent in the present
  • I'm independent you like the president but adolescent
  • Ill bend the cement quick to compliment my friends
  • New lyrical depths i innovate not follow trends
  • Let's make amends legend inspired by Eminem
  • Lyrical strength i send commands and you follow them
  • I control many men like im 50 cent but i
  • bend comprehension no begging or flexing
  • Just pure rhyme weapon, blessing no question
  • Got good intentions, here to teach a well-needed lesson
  • Came from heaven im a lyrical veteran
  • I come first, you are second, im a king you a peasant
  • I find rapping pleasant i want that to be apparent
  • I'm a parent and im marrying this rap game that im carrying
  • Got these troops rallying goons i have carried in
  • I commit a bad deed and you got out-tallied
  • I carry the speed and the skill, no i won't chill
  • You going downhill, this is for real how i feel
  • Surreal ideals i feel the need to conceal
  • edit: fuck i forgot to cut the rest of the instrumental out fuck lmao just ignore that.

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