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  • Drop dead, bars hit the dome, leaving bruises
  • Crops spread, tarspit on cones, wheezing losers
  • Puffing blunts, stuffing lungs with fart tobacky
  • Spliffs are wacky, twist the crappy papers
  • Vapers taste wet chemicals, pasted battery acid
  • Flattery bastards want to get technical
  • With shatter plastered on their joints, get hysterical
  • Can't even see their dicks when they're jacking
  • Pant, breathin', wheeze, they're sick, chin-hairs cracking
  • Packing their suitcases with cocaine and methan'
  • Stacking chairs, loose faces if joking at lessons
  • Testing cars with subpar speakers and warmers at their cheekers
  • Pests in jars, stiff pub-bar drinkers when coroners bat their steamers
  • C.P.R., cheap steep scars from the heroin
  • D.O.A., weak throat slay, get to buryin'
  • R.I.P., cartel breathe, step to Maryland


  • East side for life come run up and get fried you aint hard you scared to die
  • run up with yo homies my niggas multiply you just a loser and i put that on
  • Hoover you really beefing over computers ima real shooter you getting more
  • whack while im getting cooler matter fact you just lame i'll kill you in broad
  • day light on my cuz grave always keep a mack i never lack pull up and
  • me and my Hoovers finna Crack when i mean Crack i mean we finna blast
  • come after yo ass fuck her do the dash niggas mad dont try to run cuz
  • im fast pull up in all black no mask most likely yo bitch i smashed my 40
  • go bang to yo face thats on gang in a all black mustang that dope i slang
  • nigga dont play we just began

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