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Battle on August 19 2019


  • basically too easy
  • look, look, you about to be done, rookie
  • you writing rhymes like it's glee.
  • you writing like you'll make it maybe
  • you crying to pay this fee
  • you got disowned by your family
  • battle a G, gone get bloodied up on a Sunday
  • like life's hard son, just living on the run
  • heck yeah I'm a Christian got that 2020 vision
  • too much precision
  • Perfect 10 and Lord knows that I need one
  • going broken on a genuine million
  • turning down every single woman
  • you hate my decision, I hate your opinion
  • All the girls really want is fun.
  • sorry ex, no sex
  • you miss my checks, you remind me of our subjects
  • I'm more addicted more than ten nauseous addicts
  • sick of our conflicts, feeling like some convicts
  • see a glimpse and you see my fists
  • you hurt more than rapists
  • Don't be afraid, it's just a kiss
  • don't be afraid your too relentless
  • you like me but I'm a menace
  • your aroma gets this boy senseless
  • I'm too jealous, you leave me feeling helpless
  • got you on my mind, I'm restless


  • When I spit, every word is the truth
  • Oh fuck shit, you gonna need to imrpove
  • Before I hop in the booth and lyrically abuse
  • Like zeus hit ya, ill leave you confused
  • Imma fuckin' get ya, officially doomed
  • You more like NF than MF, statement will be proved
  • Before I get fooled by this clown you gonna be removed outta town
  • And bruised and unbound ontop of a roof, underground
  • Underwater, you'll be drowned, king of the dumpster you'll be crowned
  • What goes up must come down, you never went up
  • But you gonna fall so much, you'll be underground
  • Or underwater, you drowned, I bet you can't count
  • Past ten, you better prey like you Amen(a man)
  • So say what who where and when
  • You the sorta person who'd flex his bands
  • when he don't even have them man
  • You better run if you haven't ran
  • Yea run, fast as you can
  • You ain't got a fan but you still a stan
  • You mess with burial... Damn...
  • News reporter: A man going by the name of H-Burial
  • Is being sentance to life in prison, for aggrovated murder, with
  • No chance of parole. The victim has no chance of recovery.
  • The victims name was Pheilpay.

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