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  • Running your mouth thats full of lies
  • Im a man of action don't even try
  • Im set I got my alliby deadman walking
  • now you a dead man talking
  • Unless you ready you better stop
  • your shit before your ass gets hit
  • you better stop your shit
  • before your ass gets lit
  • I you really bout that action
  • then lets get to stackin
  • Im GPS ill start trackin
  • backbone you really lacking
  • my word is bond and im like james
  • you my target im taking aim
  • Apex Legend and you the game
  • Ill turn your body into flames
  • just playin words games
  • cuz its the name of the game


  • Pull up on you with the tool you type to follow rules i dont i break them in
  • half like my food talkin bout you bout action but you just acting make
  • yo body disappear like magic been through the struggle i was raised in the
  • jungle you from the suburbs you want to rumble when i was in elementary
  • always getting in trouble
  • talkin bout games you is a game stop playing with me
  • like i said i've been through the struggle pull up on you drop you they call it
  • a fumble stop actin hard cuz you soft you a pussy i am the devil i'll kill you
  • in your sleep your diss is whack pull up on you i'll make my fists blast
  • like to talk alot of shit but i'll shoot at yo bitch ass yo niggas even pussy like
  • you go ahead and pull up with yo boys cuz they'll get blasted too

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