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16 lines no vocals instrumental (optional) anything goes with nice size characters

Max of 16 lines


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  • these bars are lethal, i will defeat you as easy as stepping on a beetle, i'll leave you as sick as the measles being caught by a weasel, the way i'm going to treat you is lyrically beat you, you never seen it this evil
  • these bars leave earth on satellite time, they like i had a nice rhyme but it left as soon i started lying, i'll put knots on your head like a star crunch because you fruity and a square like a starburst
  • you'll get hit by Jodi and say your jaw hurt, i got tiger instincts like Auburn, i'll push you in the road when a car come because i'm the hottest thing from Summer to Autumn, i'll make you drink piss and goggle
  • then slice ya Adam's apple until you can't swallow after that rips ya lips off you and step on them, I bet you wont wake up talking the next morning, this going to be my nicest performance
  • all hard punches like foreman, delivered right to your face like the door man, i'll put kids on your stoup like a orphan, you just put out a big waste like horse shit, you going to accept this lost as a forfeit
  • because we can get into some more shit and you'll be swimming with a porpoise, you wanna battle until you have a that spaghetti shirt and you meet Teddy Levert
  • he better think its was for the love of money the way they got me putting in work, he wouldn't make a crowd move with a loud tool, they'll look at him like this dumb fool is chow food
  • he bus a move and they'll knock out his tooth he'll try to speak but it'll sound like he don't know how too, he ain't had his mic checked, he nice in his night sweats but the hottest rhymes he got ain't take flight yet
  • another punchline artist with a thug story to tell behind it while rhyming, A conniver that couldn't touch me with a mike glove, them thoughts you had blew like a light bulb
  • i'm just hoping we have the right judge or hoping for at least some light love, "Sunz" when he bring his artillery full of guns, bet he won't have a arm n hammer one
  • ahh man i'm leaving this bitch head red, like Peg's i'm feeling like a Bundy but i ain't Ted, don't dread on what i tell it'll leave your mind in hell, my timing well signed and sealed
  • after this verse you wont know what hit worst, the time you spent writing or the bars that hurt, i'm far from earth "Sunz from Spacious" a light year of bars will give you a face lift
  • its guaranteed you'll be smiling and wilding to whoever take this, for all you jerks on Vicodin and Perks, sipping Lean and popping Oxy's stealing out your mom purse,
  • you ain't seen nothing yet this gets beyond worst, when you see his face on a long shirt and guts all over the lawn work, he'll know he been beyond cursed you'll know i was taught to bomb first
  • i'll ask questions later about a beef without a preparation, i'll pepper spray him like chicks did several faces, switch states when i steal license plates in my journey to try to make it to another nation
  • replacing you whack rappers promoting abomination, ahh man later on when you double back what i said remember i told you "Deez bars going over his head"


  • Ya, run up on a mumble rapper just cause
  • Killin everyone of em justa get buzz
  • Building up the fan base homie just trust
  • Creed got the skill, got the speed, he really gonna bust
  • On god hope this shit really gets to the G.O.A.T
  • He gonna get word of the kid an see that I got the game in my scope
  • Hell ya, call me Santa Claus cause I been bringing all the kids real hope
  • That the culture won't be remaining the same
  • Creed stockin up on whatcha need, an I'm finna go
  • Murder verbally like I'ma Slim Shady clone
  • Na how u gonna phrase it like that it me just Zack an I'm in my own zone
  • Off my Adderall commit a double homicide an kill em all
  • Look at me go you couldn't keep up no no ,to slow.
  • I'm on a nother level but u sleepin on the floor
  • So get the fuck up an outta my door
  • Gotta make room for real rappers the ones not like u.

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