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  • My introverted pen is birthing mystic curses,
  • Like the Black Plague you boil over when I spit a sermon,
  • My head is burning from the devil worship,
  • Paganism right up in the churches,
  • Get opened up like virgins now the blood is squirting,
  • My aura fries your circuits life is worthless and death is precious,
  • Encephalitic brain damage occurs when you see my presence,
  • Leave the weapons let’s throw hands until your swelling,
  • I’m out of body currently so you can leave a message,
  • Astral projection abrahamic codes absorbed in reading sessions,
  • My speech is hectic I whisper sound waves that rip dimensions,


  • Chilon chillin' here with a Hennessy
  • The fem' demon too hot, Satan jealousy?
  • The cap straight outta da neck, like a cumshot
  • (Nah that's bullshit though)
  • I no talk fantasies, satanists?
  • I don't fuck with that, surrealistic
  • Nice roleplaying, I am a Ferrari too, that's great though
  • Should I emulate it? "I am too fast that I fucked up shape shifting,
  • Dark soul under my tires, suffering and ass kickin' on testaments "
  • Ah, dark angel holdin' mic? Too hot auntie, just hold my PVC pipe
  • And just masturbate with it until ya fucking boss wanna join that shit

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