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  • Rappers hella salty of me, and I think you rappers the sweetest
  • Like ASAP, these rappers and they bars sweetish ( swedish )
  • I aint saying " free " em, no ransom for you rappers, KK
  • I've given rappers more bars this year than Tekashi and Tay K
  • You give me weak bars, I break throw them like shark teeth to underwater cages
  • as I escape and, I got you rappers hostage and the game on lock
  • I got the keys and the combinations, so try to unlock
  • I got the game on lockdown, you rappers know the drill
  • like some Chicago crime rap ish, I bet you rappers know the deal
  • All yall rappers fake like catfish, y'all already know I'm real
  • y'all should know I'm ill, yeah, I get real sick
  • real quick, real septic I need a pill that can heal it
  • you can't fully break me,
  • and if I were to breakdown then I'd go hamer like Fix it Feelix
  • Junior, and I aint never ever been in need of ransom, bails
  • To these rappers, I'ma hand some ( handsome ) L's
  • like my beautiful handwriting, and all yall's ugly
  • I make the game tough and rough for rappers, like Hip Hop's rugby
  • I'm killin Lil Tecca beat and I'm killin em, rapping random
  • I smartly run up on rappers, and like Forrest Gump, they ran dumb
  • I'm who they ran from, I'm just pace jogging, tho I ran some
  • I'm running shiii like a sewage pipe, you shiii rappers belong in the sewage tide
  • Try me or not cause its do or die, trying me results to y'all committing suicide
  • I'm committing homicide on other rappers, that's genocide
  • I keep it big, while yall just shrink and minimize
  • I despise all of you guys, but not me
  • me not despecable, I should be widely respectable
  • As a rapper I'm spectacular, yeah, my rapping is spectacle
  • Another rapper being better than me is highly questionable
  • I'm better by a long shot, the distance aint even measurible
  • rapppers comming at me aint pleasurible, me going at you rappers is a pleasure
  • these hidden lost gems I got and drop are treasure
  • That yall can't and never will find,
  • So ya map need X at the end like Malcom
  • I got dreams like Martin of being a stoutin king
  • but these haters are Renae, gotta hold myself hostage for ransom like Malcom King
  • I'm a civivilized leader again like Malcom, King
  • I'm worth a fortune, yall jealous cause yall worthless and unfortnate
  • Yall want me dead, yall propably wanna see me hang from a tree like a Christmas ornament
  • you can take me by my will, but still, you'll never get my fortune
  • No matter how many times you spinned, ( spend ) yall be broke with no words chosen
  • I'm worth more, and I ain't lucky
  • You feel me, but yall can't touch me
  • I'ma young life gangsta, so don't try to be plotting on
  • planning on tryna set me up on the spot and,
  • its gon get real on the spot, yall tryna stalk and watch
  • spying on me, but I know every move yall got
  • They want a youngin like me, they tryna get YLG kidnapped
  • but this kid don't nap, or sleep, I'm awake as I sit back
  • waiting on yall to come to me, so I can pull yalks wigs back
  • As I split that in two like a a Kik Kat, yall blood gon spit splat
  • and drip drap down on you, if you ever try and mess with the kid at,
  • anytime, this kid don't play , this aint no house party,
  • yall tryna play with the kid like Mic Jack
  • pedo asses, I'ma break yall from that as I take my foot off the petal gas and
  • I kill yall, as yall become dead roses in the concrete ground and I step on ya rose petal, laugin
  • dying laughing, like Uncle Benny overdosed on laughing gas
  • Yall get donkey of the day and I never will, tho I'm about to act a ass
  • Yall dont want smoke or action, so yall might aswell let the smoke and action pass
  • I aint just rapping that, I really mean it and I'll really do it
  • Cause I really do it, try me if you dare and really choose it
  • cause I'ma lose it, and get real loose
  • I'm free now, no longer held for ransom, now I'ma kill you


  • Back and forth
  • I taxi north
  • To the airport, where I escort
  • My alter ego Theo
  • To Gate 3-0-C-O, to board, evacuate
  • I hoard the boredom and don’t
  • Know where to throw it
  • So it sits heavy like boulders on my shoulders
  • Theo told me the old tale, he tried to get tail
  • To get her to give him head
  • He said she made him beg
  • For more, kneeling on the floor
  • She showed him to the door
  • With tears pouring from his eyes
  • I wish I could support him, but I despise
  • His ideology, misogyny
  • He says that he’s an involuntary celibate
  • That’s code for deficit intelligence
  • My own intellect diminishes when his dialect initialises
  • Surprises - surprise it’s Rastaman Fred and Pasta Man Ned
  • Ned’s a pizza delivery guy, but recently he’s been getting high
  • With help from Freddie, the professional artist
  • In the field of oregano origami
  • Sometimes we eat salami in a pink Ferrari
  • With the Hardy Boys sliced and diced in the back, in briefcases
  • With pizza - three bases and three bags of mozzarella
  • Squash a fella and cook his three testicles with green vegetables
  • You want context? Contextual - who am I? I’m Chanley Mason
  • No relation to Charlie Manson or Mikey Jackson, the dancing hypersexual
  • I’m a chef, a gourmet with pork bellies and the floorboard may
  • Be a nice place to hide skeletons and pelican beaks
  • And cat feet
  • I like meat
  • Particularly the rare kind
  • There’s a wonderful, tasty animal
  • But to acknowledge that would make me a cannibal
  • And that’s unacceptable in today’s society
  • But they lack sobriety
  • So I quietly hold my own and sew the loose-ends shut
  • And cut my ten-derloins and nine-incher groins
  • I’m sick, but I’m functional
  • Conjunctional, that’s a dangerous mixture
  • The kind of elixir that could turn Christ into Jim Jones
  • Skin and bones on my skillet, fillet burgers, French fries
  • I fried the tourists, purest with the accent and the baguette legs
  • With onions, preparing luncheon for my minions
  • We started with dozens, now we have hundreds
  • And soon we’ll have millions
  • I am God
  • I am the Lord
  • Nobody can tread to trod to top me
  • Or unsheathe the sword to stop me
  • I told a teenage girl to slaughter the pastor’s daughter
  • She didn’t hesitate
  • Because to her, I’m the world
  • I’m sick, but I’m functional
  • And now I’m ready to eat
  • Freddie, steadily pass me that blunt you rolled
  • And put the flame on heat
  • How do you like the meat?

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