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  • Lift up that blouse Kitty_Kurt
  • Watch as I drive a Mack Truck into this soft little suburban kid with a pussycat nose
  • What's under that Skrt_Kurt?
  • Leggings? Panties and pantyhose?
  • Aw
  • Sniffly little kitty nose
  • This pre-pubescent comedian is jealous as a mother fucker
  • What's he talk'n bout?
  • Pizza? Roasting marshmallows with peanut butter?
  • You tryna roast a lil suh'n?
  • Pfffft, you couldn't intentionally roast toast if I gave you the fuck'n instructions
  • Kitty_Kid like that typical kid that tries too hard to appear to be weird
  • Fuck'n weirdo
  • Oh shit, A Class Clown Runner-Up Certificate
  • It's all yours, here you go
  • This kid said that he's the Grim Reaper
  • How the fuck is that possible when you trim your pussy hairs with tweezers?
  • Kurt, my friend, lift up that Skrt again
  • Jesus!
  • Kitty_Boy, stop eating those Lego pieces and build something your mommy can be proud of
  • I mean Kurt, buddy, with all those Skrts it's probably the closet you're having a hard time getting out of
  • Little Kitty Cat Girl think'n he's rap roast'n the rap world
  • Laughs
  • Watch as I wrap my hand around your soft little neck and drag you up the wall with my thumb dig'n against your jaw and just hold you up there for a quick sec while piss dribbles down your pink little frog legs
  • Twitch'n
  • You think you're Kurt_Skrt'n in the Bat Mobile?
  • I wouldn't be so certain
  • A babyface like that?
  • Looks like you lather it up with heavy Jergens and dick squirt'n
  • Kurt's bobb'n for cock knob'ns
  • Fuck the Bat Mobile, you get around by skip'n around while holding hands with Winnie the Pooh like Christopher Robbins
  • "Meow meow, I'm roasting rappers, meow meow."
  • That's difficult to believe when you look like that squirrely little cat puppet in Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood of Make Believe
  • Naw, you look more like Lady Elaine
  • Whatchu Skrt'n wit Kurt?
  • Mr. Rogers' little trolley train?
  • Kurt_Skrt pull'n up in a scooter look'n like a twelve year old Mr. Magoo
  • Fuck'n goof
  • Rev'n up his engine like he's got juice
  • The only juice you got are those Capri-Sun packets in your fanny-pack under your Hello Kitty jacket faggot
  • Get the fuck outta here
  • Acting like you're the King of the Roast when receiving no votes in your battles
  • Not like it matters when battles get twisted because little bitches like you vote just to fuck with someone's record
  • Just keep that kitty nose on bitch and go trick-or-treating or squat in some litter or something
  • You fuck'n bother me


  • You're on my battlefield and this is the frontline.
  • Watch your step, these disses of mine (landmine) will blow your mind.
  • You're only acting brave, because we're doing this online.
  • If we met in person, you couldn't look me in the eyes and read your lines.
  • Take cover! He's firing from the trenches.
  • Wait there is none… then you better hope he misses.
  • Everything you unload on me turns out to be duds when they glisten.
  • Everyone's been sleepin on the real diss pitches.
  • Well I guess now I should do a baseball scenario.
  • But it wouldn't be worth it, when you're only doing bad throws.
  • Although, you seem to be catching these balls pretty well.
  • Yeah, mine have dropped while yours still haven't fell.
  • This diss appointing right at you, because you failed.
  • Failed to realize what real bars are, that's why I mailed.
  • Actual literature into your inbox, not something trailed.
  • From another artist, or writing that you so hail.
  • I'm an MC on the mic, flowin like the sea.
  • Your flow is blocked by a dam you create mentally.
  • Also, you're pretty much battling a bursted bee hive.
  • Every diss you get hit by stings until you die.
  • This guy's a snake, can't you can hear the rattle?
  • His rhymes are fake, and he needs to be paddled.
  • I got punchlines that'll fly over your head like a bird.
  • While yours are crap, just like a turd.
  • Yeah, I don't need to be god to speak life into existence.
  • Ima human on this Earth, with a vision, just make sure you listen.
  • Blindness is cured by the 6th sense I create when I'm heard.
  • Painting pictures so vividly it's like you aren't even reading words.
  • When I cross words a puzzle always gets put together.
  • Discovering me is like finding a national treasure.
  • While your rhymes are more cheesy than cheddar.
  • And you're actin like you're so clever…
  • After this battle, I'll be a memory... while you'll be in the infirmary.
  • That self confidence of yours is gonna sustain severe injuries from my wording.
  • Your writing should be a refectory of your true nature.
  • Yeah, mine's clear to see even through these smoke vapors.
  • I'm always moving forward, keeping my foot on the gas.
  • While you settle, because you're so afraid to crash.
  • My drive is automatic, but yours is semi automatic.
  • You only put in half the effort and expect to move past the static.
  • Your fame is sporadic, which means it happens at random intervals.
  • You can only go so far with no meaning behind your bars at all.
  • Spit more truth and maybe you'd be remembered.
  • Next time you step in the booth, try not to be so self-centered.

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