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Try your best to write off the dome. If you feel the need to go back and make minor changes, that's fine.

Max of 16 lines


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  • I write enigmas, lick-ma testicles
  • Can't read if you wore spectacles
  • Hypersexuals rub the rectum holes
  • And sit at the table with ladles up their ass
  • They talk crass
  • That try-guy with one jar shits out bits of glass
  • Stipples his girlfriend's nipples with hickeys
  • While his wife and mother lick me
  • A baby with rabies, I guess incest runs in the family
  • Step to me with the epitome of your skills
  • Try to thrill me before I kill thee
  • Spill three gallons of blood, flood the household
  • Stick your dick in the mouse-hole
  • Then twist it off like a baby tooth


  • All you do is talk about yourself
  • Mabey you should your description on the shelf
  • With your prescription
  • To help with your addiction
  • See I can rap without cussing
  • Or talking dirty instead I make them start fussing
  • And start slopping herpes
  • I'll also make you a nerdi
  • Birdi who apparently likes to
  • Finger himself who knows mabey
  • He likes to think of it as a stinger
  • To help his mental health
  • Just remember to wait till September
  • Then ask your mom that I was about to
  • Spin another cocoon and gutting you from your mothers
  • Womb then start cutting you

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