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Day and Night

Max of 32 lines


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  • breathin sulfur on my enemies
  • these faggots all be dead to me
  • im snaggin all they energy
  • its tragic what has happened
  • all em baskin dead by sea
  • its an epygi that im so deadly
  • definitely standing at the ready
  • i have in my hand a machete
  • gonna land it on ya neck
  • watch ya wabble to the floor
  • cause you aint handlin the check
  • over there screamin on the bench
  • any more and youll be next
  • quiet on the set
  • its implored that im the best
  • but i can manage with a bet
  • thats ill infact im still inclined
  • trynna make a thriller
  • off these killer magic
  • savage millar rhymes
  • this habits static
  • still it finds the vibe
  • to build a crime
  • get at it makin baskets
  • i want a wholesome meal in mine
  • fact is im that shrapnel
  • slicin up you chest and legs in battle
  • shakin aint ya?
  • thats just how its like
  • when on my saddle
  • day and night


  • I'll battle a million rappers at once
  • Fuck it
  • Orleo Ip Man
  • Pitter-pitter-pitter-pitter-pitter-pitter PALM!
  • Bodies flying across the room
  • Wake up to a blurry image of a figure in a green cloak
  • Dr. Orleo Doom
  • A silver moon rising behind the rumbling clouds of flickering light
  • I'mma rise to constellation heights and connect the dots of all the stars that wobble around us
  • Did you warble my little wren?
  • Tony Soprano/W.C. Fields with a cigar in hand
  • Black bananas with blue peels
  • Bizarro Land
  • Orleo intimate with luciferin skinned woman with tails
  • Splash!
  • Whatever is happening usually happens faster than some rabbit and fox shit
  • That savage and soft shit
  • I once knew a girl with a tattoo of Thumper that hovered above where all the bits of her box is
  • Cuckoo as the clock is
  • A wooden club with not enough notches
  • Gangs of New York
  • Orleo spit that Butcher on the block shit
  • That's a kill, that's a kill, that's a kill
  • Duck Hunt style; blowing in a Nintendo cartridge
  • Total nostalgia
  • Relax on a lava lamp clump in bellbottom trousers
  • Total freak
  • Walk in and start talk'n like that midget in the Red Room from Twin Peaks
  • A slice of cherry pie and some slowish dreamy hypno-heroin jazz
  • That's the life
  • I could sit here for hours and hours without saying a word and be completely content
  • Goodbye

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