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  • How you twenty-five and you still believe you’re in your prime
  • You think you lyrical but you just tie up your rhymes
  • What in the fuck is you trying to prove
  • You ain’t Pacquiao and I ain’t Thurman too
  • And I don’t wanna seem a homophobe
  • But I catch you on a telephone pole
  • Then I would call it the homophone
  • Went off beat for a second there
  • Went off topic, now then i’m scared
  • I’m not punning his name that shit’s unoriginal
  • Tried to tell me to fuck some girl in the C.R of my middle school
  • What the fuck kind of middle school did you go to?
  • Used to think smoking looked good, then I smoked a bowl or two
  • Thats when I realize it didn’t look cool for me or for you
  • Hol’ up imma go like you do real quick
  • “I can’t switch flows cause im a real pompous prick
  • I really think the 80’s has all the hottest shit
  • Only ten syllables per line cuz that’s all the syllables that fit”
  • Wait a minute that really ain’t it, I think it goes like this
  • “Fall back, with a gat, I pistol pack,
  • I rap like that, I tit for tat
  • These days is whack, that shit is trash”
  • Yes this man really raps just like that
  • That shits works for a minute but he never do anything different
  • How he think he winnin’ he probably make some puns with “Kidwit”
  • Probably about to bitch how I was on some kid shit
  • Back when I was writing writtens and rappin’ about slit wrists
  • Back in ‘sixteen we was talking ‘bout some gang shit
  • How you was a badass with dank then you brought up some gay shit
  • Ain’t going into no details though, that’s his business
  • They want me online so, i’ll give it a minute
  • You the type to take an 80’s album
  • Dub over it with some shitty cover
  • And that just shows your mentally too old
  • for what’s coming, bring your guns, fuck, you live in London
  • I only shoot, I don’t rush shit, offbeat, but, you know what, fuck it
  • You put a couple commas all in one sentence,
  • I put them in my numbers, so I got mentions
  • If you weren’t so caught up in old times
  • Then maybe you would’nt be so blind
  • And you would have an open mind
  • So you would come up with real golden rhymes
  • Your the most old fashioned friend of mine
  • If we fight I ain’t comin’ with knives i’m comin’ with nines
  • I don’t come in peace I come with a piece
  • Let the beat run see what you got for me
  • Come at me with your flow, know your too old
  • You’ll diss me over shit from two years ago
  • Now here, Sir- Real, here ya go.
  • Who’s better? lets take a vote
  • Bop


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  • NitWit getting dissed, by this vicious lyricist
  • witness this sickness, quick to dismiss this
  • health risk, this kid is next on the death list
  • been waiting on his L, like he playing on Tetris
  • the weak streak of piss, toilet seat syphilis
  • Travis addicted, to twisting one off his wrist
  • probably beating his dick, as he listen to this
  • then spill his DNA, like a spastic scientist
  • kid on a bad trip, flashback from the last hit
  • thought he could spit, but now he's getting his ass kicked
  • so drastically fat, all his waistbands elastic
  • food fanatic, the band he really need is gastric
  • flat chicks and trans, actually envy his rack
  • cant see his own feet, unless he laying on his back
  • which way to McD's? you can bet he knows that
  • for a quick snack, he eats like six big macs
  • can't finish one lap, nearly has a heart attack
  • i thought fat guys, supposed to be dope at rap?
  • you wanna be Pun or Heavy D - die from a coronary
  • they left a legacy, you're only leaving bad memories
  • dead before thirty, like a weekend at bernie's
  • gets a hernia jerking, over birds in burkas
  • nurses twerkin in skirts, hurts him as he spurting
  • nervous to die a virgin, this pervert always searching
  • for new porn on youporn, surfing till his balls worn
  • the five knuckle shuffle, bustin nut until dawn
  • no c.r.e.a.m or vaseline, the friction is extreme
  • relations with his hand, thats why he's rarely seen
  • he's living like a panda, just eats shoots and leaves
  • in his worn out hoody, with the stretched out sleeves
  • best believe he's no confidence, in his own look
  • he's got more chin, than a chinese phone book
  • its levels, looking like a filipino Jay Leno
  • when he walk or if he talk, he wobbles like jello
  • waiting on death row, he soon be dead though
  • got a hold of ya throat, you know i never let go
  • breaking him into bits, like he's built out of lego
  • he's hasbro, head straight to jail don't pass go
  • waiting on his flow, its like watching the grass grow
  • he take 'being an asshole', to a whole new plateau..

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