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  • Yah I thought rap would be cool if it was on social media
  • But yet it's not
  • So let me go tell my sister
  • She said it wasn't going to be fun
  • But wanted to see
  • Then I found u nigga
  • Peek nigga
  • Or maybe you understand dick nigga
  • Wackiest nigga I have ever met
  • He makes rap have a whole lot of stress
  • Be my guess and stop rapping maybe
  • We might just think of something
  • Order than standing outside and all u do is rubbish


  • You're going to take the L here like you're a member of the alphabet.
  • From a certified diss, also I'm Kurt, glad we met.
  • Like why'd you leave your trash talk out here in a line?
  • It stinks man, put it in a garbage can.
  • Keep it on your side, I'm gonna grab my fan.
  • How'd you come out the kitchen with rhymes more cheesy than a pizza?!
  • I guess Ima have to eat them up then go take down your Pizzaria.
  • Is anyone laughing? These jokes are made in good fun.
  • Wait this is a battle? I forgot to bring my good puns...
  • That's too bad, imagine how much more fun we would've had.
  • Oh it looks like you forgot too, pwwew I'm glad I wasn't the only lad.
  • Sorry to make you sad, I know you wanted to win.
  • But I need to feed myself with your diss for my din din.
  • Yeah after reading this I bet you're pretty confused.
  • It's hard to dodge a challenger with more drive than you.

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