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  • ShapeShift, sorry I had to do it to ya.
  • Must be on some Vape Shit if you think you're gonna smoke this
  • Never had problems with you, but it looks like the shapes don't fit.
  • This bitch got the dick shape of bricks with syphilis shit.
  • Lego blocks couldn't satisfy him, he needed some mega cock from a bitch.
  • ShapeShit trying to become the shit, stop sliding in it, it ain't gettin' you anywhere, you'd get more fame slithering in my vomit.
  • You'd make more of a profit on the crack than what you would do trying to bomb It.
  • The terrorist, comin' to cop it, with batons and broken shit.
  • Talkin' about the gunplay, but we all know you dropped it.
  • I'll write 'till the pencil breaks, It's high stakes, rush all blades like a Ninja breakin' your little kiddy shapes.
  • But when I don't give him his toys? He's an itty-bitty snake bitter faced with shitty rage.
  • I'm here to eliminate your ass like when the Dark Knight had to validate whether to make it a scene or fake.
  • Shape-shifting cause nobody can hold you down?, actin' like the leprechaun with the pot' O gold, when anyone could take your rap crown.
  • Raising the bar, so be it, I'm raising my drink, and NOW you aren't up to par? Meet me at the golf course and I'll send you yards.
  • Sending you flying, at least you got your wish of being a superstar.
  • Hearin' me wreckin' paper, intent with droppin' you 6 feet.
  • On this beat I'm choppin you to mincemeat, mistreat a mic, now I'm bootin' you to the cleat.
  • It really would take a Psycho to make me face a deadbeat.
  • Dead on the beat, like he's racing with being high on speed.
  • Hell, when your dissing me? Your acting as if you want to give me a nosebleed instead of killin' me.
  • you think a nosebleed's knockin' me?, the only shit you could mop is lookin' like Dax tryin' to knock knees
  • I'm a Wolf In Sheep's Clothing, keep sleepin' on me, Little Bo Peep.
  • Feelin' a breeze from the degrees that you're trying at to freeze me, still bleeding heat.
  • Still cold?, feelin' like its snow day, got a tip man, stop rapping, move on to foreplay
  • Cause like two strays, I spray my prey, two bullets ricochet.
  • Using my swordplay like double blades, diggin' you a grave with two spades like I'm the jack of all trades.
  • Candle sticks got you runnin', lethality accelerates, droppin' like a bomber with 50 grenades.
  • Keep tryin' to ride waves, cause the last time I saw you try?, you busted your head on the cascade.
  • Castrate ya, and give it to someone who deserves this battle in place.


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  • Dappah dan is just a faggot man,
  • He’s so weak i dapped him up and it broke his hand,
  • Get an AC cuz you’ll never own a fan,
  • Expose this man my master plan is like an avalanche,,
  • Cuz I will bury him with cold flows,
  • Last time I heard your shit it gave me vertigo I’m burning foes,
  • You stumble on the beat and don’t make sense like virgin hoes,
  • My sermons glow while you’re impotent as birth control,,
  • I’m on the pill watch the blood spill like ovulation,
  • Rock the nation cuz I’m stoned as shit and outta patience,
  • Like an empty clinic presence wicked when I’m in this,
  • Spit a vision words are vivid pen is gifted never slippin,,
  • Like DMX rough riders come and bleed your set,
  • Releasing stress every time I see a death,
  • Put you underground where you find the demons rest,
  • And Asuras from shambala never leave your head,,
  • I’m hearing nothing but crickets every time that your spitting,
  • Put you in a futile position when using a sentence,
  • I spark the light like Lucifer’s image abusing the critics,
  • Come and Step into my field I’m never losing scrimmage,,

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