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Written rap or verse only / 24-64 lines Can use a beat/instrumental

Max of 64 lines


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  • Young Life Gangsta, YLG shit
  • I am spittin a written freeverse like I'm in a cypher
  • You gotta read between the lines of my rhymes and bars to decipher
  • I talk my shit like hell ya, fucking right, H.Y.F.R
  • Hip Hop make me hyper, I'm hot as apple cider
  • The young life gangsta, I'm ganging up on rappers
  • I'm banging up on rappers,
  • You callin shots, I'm hanging up on rappers
  • Young rappers taking over, the game, we aint playing no more
  • We just quit playing, but we aint quit
  • We taking it serious, y'all scary rappers be fearing us
  • Theres no fear in us, we just get furious
  • Like mantis, viper, crane, monkey, and tigress, all 5 real fast
  • When you pose as danger and a threat to them, I'll kill that
  • Yall better kill that, kill all that
  • before I kill y'all ass, like Im murdered y'alls donkeys
  • i'm a one of a kind rapper, you a candy butter peacon rapper
  • you rappers sweet as candy paper and I gotta tastebud
  • For any and every rapper, I aint bite my tongue but I taste blood
  • I'm blood thirsty, like vampires and sharks
  • You'll get roasted and lit up like campfires and sparks
  • if you want smoke, then we can spark up
  • I never run out of bars, cause I'm permanently charged up
  • And I aint never at a hundred percent,
  • not talking bout dead muslim rappers, but you rappers at 5 percent dead
  • ran out of bars like incarcerated convicts who escaped and fled
  • I'm killing this beat as If i left picked raddish in the sun to dry out,
  • as it dies out, I'm killing instrumentals like Premo and Scott Scorch
  • I'm a flaming hot torch, I am lit right now
  • I am sick right now, I am the shit right now
  • and I will always be, or should I say always G
  • Whole lotta gang shit, its the living youth gang bitch
  • You open yo mouth up at me, I leave a rapper mouth shut like Boonk Gang bitch
  • Free ASAP like ASAP, I just i thought and feel I should say that
  • I'm Rocky, come and get ya face cracked
  • 64 bars, I'ma hit wit a 6'4, like rough riding low rider
  • Y'all some little rascals, if we racing, then I'ma blow by ya
  • I'm be like Hi, and then bye, yuh, I start and set fire, y'all claim the shit y'all put out is fire
  • Yes, yall put out fire, like an exstinguisher or water
  • I'm a rapper whose rapping is out this world, like an alien doing Hip Hop in area 51
  • YLG, I'll still be rapping at 51 and 61
  • I don't claim a spot or rank in the game, YLG is in his own world,
  • In Hip Hop, you other rappers don't exist
  • You call yourself whatever, but I aint that or this
  • I'm just myself, I'm the, no , I aint the, I'm just me, YLG
  • Y'all just false wannabees, yeah, yall might well be
  • Might as well be, let em be
  • or as I should say, might as well G, let em G
  • YL gang shit, that young life gangsta shit
  • like 50 said, you just a wanksta bitch
  • 2019-2020, is YLG's season
  • Whether you like it or not, it aint gon change for sure
  • get used to it, the conditions gon get extreme so close your door
  • The rain is for sure, its gon fall, and it'll spring up, get hot, cold, and more
  • I'ma storm in the game, feel my climate
  • I'm at my climax, I am in my high place
  • I'm just doing what I do, and thats rapping
  • You might do the same, but not like and how I do,
  • those who say so, stop capping, with that crazy talk
  • You rappers aint bold, yall all just baby fonts


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  • imma reply to this shit with a diss, bitch, but this bitch gave me a shit diss
  • nigga miss me with that gay shit, fake gangster how he play shit,
  • pile of shit on bread what i serve on his plate
  • nigga im a G wrecking shit violently,
  • niggas a wannabe and his girlfriend probably love to get raped
  • nigga going wild like this nigga just aped,
  • this nigga just ate a sack of dicks like Gordon Ramsay served him a plate
  • im certain this place never seen no real shit take place
  • he wish shit was more simple, he can get squash like a pimple but i chose like a grape

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