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Was gonna use this for a speak your mind battle. No diss just say what in your mind

Max of 26 lines


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  • Today is July tenth and brother I can’t say a day goes by where you ain’t on my mind. This grief
  • was sidelined so I could stay sane, my strength and mother I need for my soul to not go under,
  • Deep into the well of sadness in my heart that was made the day you died,
  • You would’ve been seventeen today, since you passed that fateful day, it ain’t been the same,
  • If you asked for me to switch places I do it without question, wish to think
  • You and I could’ve been the best of friends, I know in the depths of my heart, I
  • Resented you at first, when you was born and put in the new standard just
  • five years myself, ignorant of your gift, I made of list of changes and things
  • I wanted to show you, you know we don’t have a dad, I had to show you how
  • To be a man, be polite to everyone put respect first in the door,
  • Also respect yourself beyond everyone you’re a king after all, mom
  • Can be stressing but’s out of love, keep that in your mind when she pushes buttons,
  • Stay open to learning because this thirst for knowledge is what we bleed, too much
  • History and wisdom lost already we should recover some, treat a lady as
  • a queen And your tongue to little girls, chattering with them birds only lead to traps,
  • If you model yourself and search you’ll find your soulmate. Stay out of the streets and don’t be
  • Taking to John, he a good old man but crack got him in the underworld, be worry
  • Of masks, not all is what is seems and not all hands are kind, but stay positive be ready
  • To give s needed hand, were the roots to this tree and it needs to grow. Mom hasn’t been the same
  • No one has, it’s like someone ripped our heart out. Monique got a boyfriend, I met my Queen,
  • Michael has three babies, yep we’re uncles. Twins small like you were, even seven months like you were,
  • Mason and Marlo, Chris is four, a pain and bad, worse than me, but I love him all the same I hope
  • He sees you soon, i cry every time I visit your grave, I want to join you but that would be too soon,
  • I failed you as an older brother, you stopped breathing in the night and no one knew, to this day I can’t forgive myself for not being in the room


  • The music world is so fucking bizarre,
  • Like the law of the jungle, fuckers at the top,
  • Don't gotta put in any work, they just scribble some lyrics,
  • Which their micro brains can muster up in just a few minutes,
  • Then their fucking record label modifies the shit
  • Out of the song, making it something resembling lit,
  • And these bastards are aware of the fact,
  • That they no longer have to put in effort to make a successful track,
  • Cause regardless of the quality of the content they vomit,
  • People will buy it simply because it has their label name on it,
  • While actual good producers who bust their ass making songs,
  • That are actual masterpieces don't get very far,
  • Cause they're not signed to a label, they're self-reliant,
  • You'll never ever hear mainstream artists of that type it's
  • A fucking tragedy, the music topping charts,
  • Motherfuckers with the colored hair and fake teeth boil my blood,
  • Fucking kidnap em all, line em up against a wall,
  • Aim and blow them to pieces Saint Valentine's Day style,

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