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  • I got a wingspan with farther reach then an albatross,
  • Break through padded locks thermite thoughts are scorching hot,
  • I’ll make your brain freeze drop more shit then knocking over portapods,
  • I was born a god you turned into a snake like moses rod,
  • Unorthodox kill a priest better protect his neck when I enter the church,
  • I’ll put your pen in a hears whenever sending a verse,
  • Sign your death date bench weight your rep is the worst,
  • My mind is connected with higher dimensions,
  • It’s prioperception I’m a shapeshifting violent eclectic,
  • Thirty three jacob’s ladder spinal ascension,
  • As above so below yo I’ll find what is destined,
  • They’re stripping rights to bear a weapon signing snakish laws in congress,
  • Dissolving conscious toxic garbage all up on us,
  • Faggot rappers getting gutted out up inside the corporate office,
  • Forcing nonsense through the main news stations to make you brainless,


  • Delusional of what y'all got me listen to, yeah shit I know what you have been through
  • but it means nothing to someone born and raised in hell even Satan elected him to rule
  • despicable me if I did subliminal hits on your inspirtual G'z wearin' them wacky jewels
  • that shit ain't gold it don't lead back to the roots where rap started, the 5 boroughs
  • I take my realism from them gods of old skool, 90's Hip-Hop of the hoods
  • non-fake gangstas
  • but that kind of trash, I can smell it from a distance
  • my style of rap will dull your senses
  • I'm spitting like I'm shooting you won't even expect this
  • watch me god while I keep praying on these muthafuckas' souls
  • I'mma send them to you wrapped and tied like cash rolls
  • everything around me is not as I wanted it to be
  • just people bumpin' people who are pretendedly
  • and all of that I can get it overweighed with a single bar of madvillainy
  • yeah the madlib alongside mf doom hooked up to the funky rhythm
  • I be kickin' musicians ?! nah, I'll be just satisfying my sadist fetish

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