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The long awaited! BXile vs Psychopuppet, lets gettit!

Max of 32 lines


BXile won this battle!


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Battle on August 21 2019


  • Look at this airhead who aint aware that he dead, don’t let that clout gas you,
  • how you gunna school me when I’m playing hooky on you? that mean I outclass you
  • this psychos path led him to my doorstep, its like he’s battling rugged cancer,
  • psychopuppet?…that’s cute, tell me what’s a psychopuppet to a puppet master?
  • the musket blaster! ya first words were “kill me”, mine were “I will rain disaster”
  • ill make yo bitch kill herself, next time you question why she left you then its BLAM go ask her!
  • here’s a fact turd, you’re top 5 on this site and like tupac I look up to you,
  • but two shots will leave you like tupac, now its ill look up to you^
  • dead man rapping, after this ill hit you up through Ouija board,
  • waiting for you to man up and grow some balls even make Luigi bored, i breed the gore,
  • praise for you is like cash to a stripper, you a glory whore
  • the .44 will leave you in a mid-life crisis, like you’re 44
  • when it rain it pour, I guarantee you won’t be able to make it far,
  • if Psychos on the roof wit the gats loaded, he dies like Escobar,
  • and if Puppets in the house low-key cracking wild dad jokes
  • then its my right to wrap my hands across his dam throat, nigga this the dad choke!
  • look he’s losing conscious, I hate you son just know that I mean that,
  • with all that lack of oxygen to the brain, even ya Pupils are doing the Lean Back
  • you fiend crack, you’d go and sniff a plumbers ass just to get a fix
  • while all he’s tryna do is fix your sink you dope sick piece of shit,
  • you really need a hit? then pardon my fist to your face
  • ill piss in yo face, have you looking all pissed in the face
  • pistol whip you with haste, ill treat this bitch like Big Puns wife,
  • eat so much pussy till I die of a heart attack, im living that Pun life
  • im dumb nice, yet still im showing much restraint like a Nun,
  • me and my twin pull up on you like Thing 1 and Thing 2, which is me? just know i aint the 1,
  • i dont need a gun, each knuckle in my fist wants to fuck your face,
  • and if you placed your trust in God to save you, then your trusts misplaced
  • im the mother fucking Reaper, so I commend you for staying put, being brave
  • but you thought you can step on death? thats why you got one foot in the grave
  • you cannot be saved, but at the very least I got you a little mad like microaggressions
  • Mavericks next, Deadpool vs Sonic battle, last line advertised cause no more giving Psycho attention…..


  • He got a cute little written called “Can’t Stop this Train from Running” this damsel in distress be lyin on tracks
  • I can stop it cause I’m actually recordin shit start movin my mouth and put ya lights out cause I’m fire on wax
  • You can’t hold a candle to it for writin a verse that’s the bomb I am the blueprint
  • My credits are gettin explosive like the Dr Strangelove camera movements of Stanley Kubrick
  • Don’t you wish you could say the same bout ya “album” fusion? I scratch you out like a blackboard I’m old school
  • He ain’t no fool, he’s the original member of the infinity pens! Damn I’m so jealous, that’s so cool!
  • Y’all imagine keepin a straight face while sayin “I am one of the infinity pens”
  • You an embarrassment to the bronx you honestly shoulda just picked up and left
  • You just annotate bars so you got ammo and they sound smart but try that with me and you’ll lose
  • How you born and raised in the mecca of hip hop and gettin whooped by a white boy from santa cruz?
  • That’s how exceedingly trash you are and now I’m bout to show you why I got the best lyrics
  • You just an ABC rhymer but as for me aye B, see how I’m D-E-F with it?
  • For actin like an animal I teach you a lesson my lyrics are like fables
  • Psycho Puppet vs Bxile is like Mayweather vs a rookie I’m way better this streamin vs cable
  • You scared to get on the mic with me only if we did this with writtens were you able
  • But even in ya own element you gettin put in a box this the periodic table
  • The infinity pens could actually be a successful boy band but I frame ya whole group for steppin to me
  • Check the technique take a look at his battles even sucker MCs are checkin tekneek
  • Ain’t nobody fuckin with you? Please y’all roadkill and I already smoked trill you liar
  • Y’all got neo but still stuck in ya own little matrix y’all even got an arsonist and still no fire
  • I been craftin bars with symmetry matched with raw delivery
  • And a performance more explosive than strappin bombs to missile fleets
  • As ya favorite rappers drop from the aftershock of “little me”
  • Sit back and watch the industry crash and fall to smithereens
  • So fuckin with the puppet is a path that’s awful rickety
  • I could beat you anywhere from Ragnarok to Italy
  • All y’all gonna see is people dressed in black, a casket droppin, misery
  • From the jump he was dead as hip hop and chivalry
  • Been droppin science since I started writin I’m Asimov up in this scene
  • A godly titan on the mic a kraken monster in the sea
  • That’s about as much as I can even bother writin for you so now I’m just gonna end it with this
  • I organize the BYOB battles that you ain’t even show up for there’s levels to this

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