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  • I'm a time traveler, a mental scavenger
  • I be vigilanting rappers worse than Muslims to criminals
  • when I left, these faggots thought it's over
  • but I only got tired of murdering mc's addiction so I went sober
  • fuck the sobriety I'm back now to finish what I started
  • so if you have half the guts to face me I'll take you for granted
  • and end your career not to be working in mac with few dollars and crap cents
  • nor you won't even get hired at the k-mart markets
  • I'm not one of those microphone fiends nor killa beez
  • and when it comes to war I'm not one of the bomb squad g'z
  • I strike hard enough to do damage and flee with no felonies
  • but if I stayed it means more damage like tupac on his enemies
  • you don't have to speak or move a tongue cuz it seems that you're in fear and stuck
  • your face shows it all, and that's when you know to get outta here you'll crawl
  • I'mma destroy you and your whole crew, and what's funny about it you always claim to be cruel
  • but your girl told me every time you fuck her you have to wear a strapoon


  • Ain’t nothing new under the pen, new ink but same gun, wondering again why they be stepping
  • to C they ain’t messing with son, wrestling with visions because my mind not for observing,
  • Don’t be caring about your news, I be flipping the pages, I’m a book got nothing but puns
  • putting up rings, you’re just Bringing the basics, it’s okay I got the instructions just put your body down
  • And use it as a foundation, playing faroput my hand on your box I’m dealing, guess what
  • I’m pulling, man I don’t even need a reason imma keep on dreaming,
  • Imma Keep on breathing, cut my arm in the fight, pride is what I’m bleeding
  • Never been for scheming I just let my work do the beating, put my hand
  • On his shoulder now he thinking I’m a reverend, so I ask for your temple?
  • Feel like I need to be preaching, your greed got you sleeping, your mental state is
  • Tweaking, I got an army of woman behind, knowledge embedded with time,
  • pharaoh won’t even make the first move be loving pussy he’ll build a statue
  • So he can finally touch one I’m the one to give you the final judgement
  • An irony, that your god is the one to make a new dynasty, violence must be
  • given out to this slave at all cost, what he felt was this lighting aimed at your heart

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