Battles  Slipp vs WetPaint


Tried to enter a battle but response was put in b4 mine. Must be unorthodox, still diss but differently, i guess.

Max of 18 lines


Slipp won this battle!


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  • Bitch really trying to battle, rules say unorthodox,
  • Because bitch that's so cheap, like you, you can't even afford a box,
  • Nigga my raps a lake, you can't live in at the marina, Nor the docks,
  • I saw your absolutely horrible raps when lookin' through the documents,
  • Left on the Marina when the boat never came? The Dock, You meant?
  • all them murders at the side of tha building, we can fault you bitch,
  • lots of occupants, but i'm the only one with a monument,
  • you see it with that oculus, shut that shit, far too bent,
  • Unacceptable, to not rap as if is unconventional,
  • flyin' low like the Japanese yet still detectable,
  • delectable, but terrible, for both, your blood is credible
  • Does that make me a vampire? call me Dracula,
  • more simple than an infant, wild like an animal, you's a blastula,
  • Bitch i'd cook y'all like a spatula, You've got lice, and a dry scalp! you dud,
  • slice it like a sword, but with your Scapula


  • Imma shove my paint down your dick
  • No, this aint no trick. I'm santanic and mentally sick
  • A flick of my fingers your start to panic
  • Your up against a psychopath with a semiautomatic
  • Your classic.
  • Your that type of guy who robs a bank with a gun made of plastic
  • Dismembered your carcass in a tub full of acid
  • I give the commands. You just obey and pray you see the next day.

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