Battles  Tervs vs NorStar


Minute 30 acapella, no splicing

Max of 64 lines


NorStar won this battle!


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  • I'll hit you with that multi, playa, you're stuck in story mode
  • Get on my level not the fuckn tutorial, twist it up like an Oreo
  • Dip quick, while I milk this like big tits on a MILF bitch
  • Spit ill, non-pre-scripted Im the sickest where my pills is
  • Go head show me a written that isn't retarded, he thinks he's the smartest
  • But his wit is so missin' it should be printed on cartons
  • This kid is a Cartman.. I'll rip him apart n
  • theyll be pickin up parts of his carcus from six different apartments
  • And after siftin through darkness liftin' up carpets
  • They still cant figure where any bit of his heart is
  • Yeah, I didn't find it either
  • Yeah, hes softer than a pile of leaves are
  • Yeah, his sister said he rides the peter and I believe her
  • My rhymes are meaner than crimes on trial by Geneva
  • So what crack or meth are ya smokin', i'll crack ya head till it's open
  • Realize when I send Nor-cals, it's not sacramento or oakland
  • Bruce banner!
  • Macs will ascend on ya whole kin (hulkin')
  • Them slugs will make ya ass as holey as matrimony
  • Word, You from "the wrong side of the track"? You must mean this battle only
  • You're not prepared to go to bat alone and you don't have a homie
  • Kid'll get dissed in the threads like his fashion's homely
  • I'll leave this square on the floor just to tile it better
  • I'm miles ahead, this phoney tries to connect but he's dialed in never
  • Your style is lesser
  • Only way you'd get booked for a gig is as a child molester
  • Granted, I've got the hardest counters since Marble was slabbed
  • So you're now just a mark, who's markettin' that?
  • I'll mar him so bad, not even mario could put star on the map


Attached media not accessible.

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  • NorStar been very busy lately between Jamal Kacey, Collabs, and making tracks/
  • Neglecting my Tervs is sumpin I cant take back he not a pup no mo he full grown and mad/
  • His coat is all matted his tail dont wag he poops in the house even when I take him out back/
  • Tervs stop chewing on that, seriously guys hes malnourished its sad/
  • They say jus communicate with your pet so I guess I will try that/
  • Listen Tervs your not a real person I'm sorry you been neglected but daddy's been workin/
  • This rap shit takes time and your jus a burden, so I been given it some thought and your jus not really worth it/
  • My kids dont even like you plus you ripped down my curtains and chewed up my sons nerf gun/
  • You got fleas and bad teeth and you peed on my favorite seat/
  • Your hair is everywhere and your breath really reeks/
  • You stained our bed sheets cant get em clean with bleach/
  • Those hoes is Egyptian cotton and worth more then I make in a whole week/
  • So I'm gon call up Maverick and see if he will take you back for the cheap/
  • Down muthafucka quit jumpin on me, hello Maverick, hey what's happen my homie/
  • Not shit jus callin do u remember that dog you sold me/
  • Yea I jus talked to the landlord sorry bruh no pets in the building/
  • I know it's been 3 weeks but I'm gon need you to refund me/
  • What you mean no refunds how about 1 third and some new sheets/
  • Egyptian Cotton 12 hundred thread count on sale right now 70 bones a piece/
  • All I need is 3 and 300 bucks and you can resale him for a G/
  • You soundin like a lil bitch right now what u mean u only sell puppies/
  • Bruh please, No I didnt get his shots for fuckin rabies/
  • I ain't had the fuckin time to throw the mut a frisbee much less take him to the vet hold up, Tervs get away from my weed/
  • Fuck! Aye final offer... down, down, tervs release.. how about 2 sheets, Heel, sit... and you buy me a sack of good weed/
  • Hello, hello, Mav, well fuck you too!!! Bad Dog!! Muthafucka you ate all my Sour D/
  • Oh now you wanna eat your pedigree last week all you wanted to eat was my sons brand new sneeks/
  • Awe you are a good boy aren't ya Tervs... what you doin, No, Aye, muthafucka oh so u jus gon look at me while you pee/
  • Fuck this shit, Chandler bring me Tervs Leash/
  • I should beat yo muthafuckin ass c'mere your comin with me/
  • I know an authentic Chinese restaurant right up the street/
  • See how much mister Li will pay for Belgium dog meat/
  • Siri Call John Li, get your ass in the car, no back seat.. Hey John its me/
  • Yea David from 18th, I got a good deal for ya, authentic dog meet/
  • Dog not dark ya know wood woof Belgium Tervuren nice and sorta healthy/
  • Naw not as a pet, c'mon man cook it up to eat/
  • I know take it home and share it with the family, Hows the Misses? Bro I promise I wont tell nobody/

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