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  • Maine you know what it is, na u clueless, blue vest
  • Shoot thru dudes reflex, u under a pretext, and a spell
  • Kel from jebus, I put a shell on your radius
  • reflux, clocks don't tick around you, do they, stray
  • Bullets, you're the waves student, I'll put two dents
  • In your face, the little things you chase
  • you had better retrace your steps
  • I'll impale your head, leave imprints in the shed
  • from above I'll descend, under hoes I'll be tended
  • To remind that you the dummy of the week
  • your ugly talk is weak, you're running on disease
  • I'm running on these trees, bees swarm around your
  • Ingenius, right?...I'll let your stupidity decide.


  • Imma glue MGK's hair bun to the back of a flare gun
  • Slap donald trump in his face, then pay to get his hair done
  • Eat someones grandson, then illegally purchase a handgun
  • I'd slap Homer Simpson, and break Sideshow Bob outta prison
  • Make Lex Luthor look like a hero and Superman a villain
  • Ill start a capitalist religion and make 10 billion
  • Fill a prison with chickens and make the guards kill em
  • Kill my wife using 15 knives then conceal them
  • Kill another 10 people, get the knives and reveal them
  • Ill climb to the top of mount everest and kill a pilgrim
  • Ill roll around in mud, eat a bug and scare your children
  • Employ Nikki Manaj's boy toy then destroy the building
  • As i killed Todd Howard "You crazy backwards bastard" Were his exact words
  • Ill make chernobyl look like a joke, and release deadly hazards
  • I take up three thirds of the toxic words on earth
  • Been a little toxic topic, hating sonic since birth

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