Battles  PixThaBeast vs MC_Stephen


just uh, life story/freestyle type shit... oh and 32 bars please if you could

Max of 32 lines


This battle ended in a tie.


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  • gunning for the top
  • i aimed to be a poet
  • and make flow know it
  • that i could drop a beat
  • so stoic that all composure
  • is lost in the moment
  • when i was in my teens
  • i made green off roofing
  • and watched the clock go by
  • smoothly i tried drugs
  • yaknoe a hit here or their
  • and soon enough i was on lsd
  • lost in those moments i was
  • watched movies and thugs
  • thought if i tried hard enough
  • id make records, bucks
  • i had a shot at it one time
  • in the sunshine i was burned up
  • lost the deal cause of rent
  • i thought that was time spent
  • pension for the fence
  • but instead i showed no relent
  • kept at it and now im here
  • makin lyrics for a few queers
  • nah im kiddin love these guys
  • their what makes me rise
  • shit should i make up a disguise
  • and say i didnt meant to mention
  • im a pan with pent up aggression
  • thats just me and my dented composure again
  • what a fake persona for a gremlin
  • anyways, thanks, for the headwind


  • Let me give it to you straight lil homie I'm still honorey
  • These legs have been places you couldn't see watching a million derbies
  • I'd kill for the journey to rebuild so I'm returning
  • Free will was my doing meanwhile I'm cacooning
  • My next form is a sleuth of sleigh Rudolf males
  • Slight left hard rights maybe I'm a jew with nails
  • Chewing kale druid fails and good game play calls
  • Shoot me or else it truly won't help
  • Pooping on chests and cumming in mouths
  • Drooping my sack and eating your vag
  • Lubing the vacuum and feeling your cack
  • Feeding you crack and crackin your back
  • Satan is here and not leaving the track
  • Oiling up not trying to frack
  • 16 bars to show that you're wack
  • 16 more of course lacrosse with the boys
  • Drinking coors in the yard pool is dank and pool soft
  • Cooking Frankfurt hamburgers and dogs
  • Looking sad at first then you lost
  • Now you turned to defeat and caught
  • A round house to the cheeks addicted to feet
  • Feed this fetish to me and that kick went over your head
  • It went full circle like it should round house to the bed
  • 24 bars and I'm ready to let
  • You have the rest of rap just to get it over it with
  • It's a wrap
  • It's a fucking christmas gift
  • Credit or cash
  • I just want my payment kid
  • Something something lame as shit
  • Throw away your pencil tips
  • Throw aways to end you with

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