Battles  MC_Stephen vs ShapeShift


22 lines. But I did 21. I'm new. So after this. Challenge me with your rules. I do vocals too. Enjoy losing nerd!

Max of 22 lines


ShapeShift won this battle!


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  • I'm rippin the Mic with both hands Conan
  • Grippin it tight like slow down oh man
  • Plan on losin tonight? No chance dope fans
  • Trynna withstand my lines is like
  • Standing in quicksand oh and I feel bad
  • Locked behind sealed glass
  • Cocked the 47 real fast
  • AKA I'm real mad
  • Get it? AKA real mad?
  • Should I say monkey bars and peel back?
  • Like I'm eating a banana pussy cat
  • Over your head slower than Jad
  • Mowin your grass Mew and the
  • This shits magic like it's me you and a hat
  • You on blast specially when I seat you in the back
  • Treat you like a fag blow you up and all that
  • You know you ain't all that
  • Blue spikes and ball sacks
  • Darn rags gun mags
  • Palms black drugs and
  • Roseanne's gut splats


  • Imma leave MC stephen grieving when he enters my region,
  • No border hopping putting cyanide in your inhaler to stop your breathing,
  • The only MC you seeing is in the mcdonalds line you chubby heathen,
  • Switch it up like seasons my releasing an episode of demons,
  • Only bars your seeing is in a precinct my craft’s on lock and scheming,
  • You must be dreaming I stay lucid for a reason,
  • Shapeshift into a human being a creed of a newer legion,
  • 300 soldiers spartan soul will leave you bleeding,
  • Im the architect your just the blueprint I’m mapping your life,
  • With this rabid device get smacked with a pipe,
  • Multisyllabic rapping percise exact as a knife,
  • I see snakes eyes without even grabbing the dice,

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