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  • Hi my name is what
  • My name is huh
  • My name is chucky boy
  • Hi kids I'm crazy , I drive a bus , I'm the worst driver
  • Every, slim shady said nothing he die his body is in my basement
  • I also killed dr.dre I don't know where his body is
  • But before I killed dre he said chucky you a loser
  • Man wasted well when 16 I drop out so now I drive bus
  • Hi my name is what
  • My name is huh
  • My name is chucky boy
  • My life is so fucked up ,my mom is also bug me about shit like why I didn't say in school
  • I live in parnets basement my mom has lied to me 99% I just found
  • Out that my knows more shit then I do , in high school I tried fuck
  • My prom date since then I have never girl they all say that I love
  • sex to much
  • Hay chucky that's my girl you making out with
  • I give shit my parents made to fuck world off
  • Hi my name is what
  • My name is huh
  • My name is chucky
  • Please grim reaper don't kill me take Knaye west
  • He is bad rapper it is to die you well kill me in my sleep
  • Now goodbye
  • Hi my name is what my name is who
  • My name is huh my name is I don't know
  • My name is chucky boy boy boy


  • Occulted wizard causing fissures shifting plates again,
  • Vitriolic metabolic words that haunt you till you’re catatonic,
  • It’s mot conjecture that I stomp a lecture I’m grounded yet I’m still astronomic,
  • Ascend like rockets end your process my task is strictly soul draining,
  • Flows banging leave your face in the hot pavement,
  • Sizzling ritualistic gifts speak in ebonics so I’m caught slanging,
  • I break the ice like titanic and leave your jaw hanging,
  • Clergy is running when this blasphemous sermon is busting,
  • Words with a substance determined for crushing,
  • Serpents are loving your snake ways control you with the press of a button,
  • Indeterminate word smith building my temple of rhymes,
  • My will can make destiny cry and level the sky,
  • Ahead of my time like progeria an incredulous guy,

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