Battles  Orleophian vs ILLITHID-MINDFLAYER


My account was deleted by accident along with all my lyrics. Don't ever leave your phone on the account settings page while having sex.

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  • General Justice
  • Nobody sees me
  • I move in the visible forces of stealth
  • How can you please anyone anywhere when you're whistling Dixie and patting yourself on the back?
  • Pleasing yourself
  • Metaphorically speaking
  • All of the faces on all of the books are all happy or happiest happyness books
  • The symbolic flood of mentality problems
  • The blood of the blossom
  • Jetsam and flotsam
  • Sink'n as low as the Pit and the Pendulum
  • Swing'n as low as the rock at the bottom
  • If'n you're see'n that rock come'n up atcha
  • Keep your eyes open and land on your feet
  • Don't fuck up your shit
  • This isn't Elysium
  • You think that that rock is as low as you sink?
  • Nope
  • Into the core
  • Out through the other side
  • Out into space
  • Just like a meteoroid
  • Just like a comet that passes the sun
  • Burn'n the ice off the rock and it freezes again
  • Tales from the Darkside
  • Out of the void
  • Nothing escapes
  • Unless you keep pushing and got what it takes
  • A man can just leap like a giant
  • The giant's asleep
  • A step from a man can be small but it better be quiet
  • Wake yourself up from a beautiful dream as you start up your day and don't realize it
  • Listen
  • You don't know shit
  • Don't ever come to me think'n you do
  • What does it matter?
  • What do you care?
  • We're only here for a moment
  • Organs and meat under skin on a skeleton
  • Only a brain in a skull
  • Don't even look
  • Listen as hard as you can
  • All you can hear is a pin as it drops
  • A tick and a tock
  • A fuck'n grenade in the air as it follows an arc
  • Right in the palm your hand


  • I begin my meditation/ and awaken this brain matter/ from out of the darkest slumber i was facing a grave danger.
  • Lions get ripped apart like lambs to the Slaughter/ as i sung to conjure thee Great biblical leviathan sea monster.
  • Fuck Noah and that shit you heard (i place you under!)/ tempting to anger me I speak thunder/ watch as I smite battle ships with bright sparks/ leaving nuclear radiation raining down on you retards.
  • I pick up the tallest skyscrapers an rip em apart/ using land-posts for lances against you man fuck you head-tart/
  • Arms more stronger than Arnold !(Schwarze/negger)! an fuck lance Armstrong if he aint got a last name like !(black-nigga)!.
  • I speak demonic rage a flaming inferno i page/ an summon up sages to witness the grand dragon I tamed/
  • Mentally provoking other rappers to fear the soul Reaver I caged/ in-order for my evil warlocks too reign with insidious names.
  • spells spoken straight sending shrapnel out of the book of the dead/ blazing devilish disasters through the holes in your head.
  • Suited up with battle armor i happened to forage in my den, Amen's i send to my God who lives through the Words of my pen.
  • Lightening strikes ground around you/ orange flashes pound your mental/ shadow creatures ive created inject you with syringes loaded with a deadly chemical.
  • Your knees wobble and shake/ punches your face cannot bear to take/ black blue and purple bruises begin to emerge as you slowly turn towards the Crucifixion stake.
  • War-hammers!
  • Nail shanks!
  • & Barbed-wire discipline!.
  • Bleeding to death while hanging upon the cross with other men.
  • Help me Mother! people hear you cry while in pain.
  • Gasoline starts to pour around you like burning acid rain.
  • The masses Commence the menacing grim Chanting !666! for a Hymn.
  • As the Fire engulfs you burning your skin flesh an bones Rest in Peace - next of kin.

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