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  • the baddest girl is what im laying on the matt,
  • ooh i might just hit it like a smack, then ill bring it right back,
  • baby you a whole snack,
  • get the pole and make a whole nother hole while im hittin from the back
  • why dont we go have some fun out back? we can go and smoke some weed, mix it with a lil crack,
  • then imma get up on my tracks,
  • slap some dope ass raps, over the old school boom bap crap
  • you know the kind every body say is wack,
  • i took the track, switched the snaps, swapped the rhymes,
  • i do this shit like all the time, comin in with the monster rhymes,
  • when im on my grind, could never settle take ambition on another level
  • Stack my money tenfold, make this my new temple
  • Forever ain't run yet I never will Don’t wanna have me somebody will
  • Real slow yea I'll make you feel special .Yes bitch, that's a Presidential
  • all you niggas ain't even on my fuckin level
  • she might only like me cuz im a little rebel,
  • so oh well tho cuz i still got the flow straight from hell bro,
  • you know when i go i gotta show all the hoes that ive mastered the flow
  • least now they all know, i dont do this shit for show, just for the shows
  • now i wanna hear your slack rap i bet its wack, my demons are back
  • this the hard large bars O'snap, lets see ya come back from that


  • I’m so sick dog I pass up vets purple heart on my chest,
  • Spraying radiation that can penetrate a lead vest you been vexed,
  • I’m Holding like grip tape get bombed and hexed,
  • Back on the scene yet never on the set,
  • My gadget inspects your simple threats you’re all bark and no bite,
  • Get neutered quick bob barker causing fright,
  • Bars are tight choking throats I’ll kill you with the jaws of life,
  • Bringing the dark to light watch the spark ignite,
  • Ahead of my time progeria euthanize inferior,
  • Equipped with thermal imaging seeing through interiors,
  • Get an MRI this cat scans pussies in my premises,
  • Theres no enemies offending me I’m my only nemesis,

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